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Massage Therapist

Expiration Date: October 19, 2019

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Day Spa


103 N. 10th Street
Brooklyn, New York United States

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Jason Goodman



Company Description

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Bathhouse is a 10,000 square foot performance-focused establishment featuring three thermal baths, saunas, steam room, hammam, cryotherapy, sensory deprivation, a full bar and restaurant, and best-in-class bodywork. Think of the bathhouse you’ve been to, but with modern amenities and a professional-athlete-level bodywork program.. Our mission is to hire the A-team of like minded individuals.

Job Description

Licensed Massage Therapists experienced with an athletic population and recovery techniques.

Job Requirements

• Fully licensed in NYS • Sports Massage techniques • Recovery and rehabilitative techniques • Manual Therapy • Fascial Work • Deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology • Able to follow specific therapeutic protocols

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Commensurate with location and experience
ISPA Job Bank

A Spa Journey That Could
Last A Lifetime.