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Strength training movements involving coordinated breathing techniques developed in Germany by Dr. Joseph Pilates during the 1920s. This physical conditioning technique involves low-impact exercises and stretches designed to strengthen muscles of the torso and often performed with specialized equipment.




Description of Offering

Pilates is a strength training method involving breathing and movement.


This offering is a modern creation (originated after 1800).


Creator of Offering (Nationality)

Joseph Pilates (German)


Brief History of the Offering

Joseph Pilates created his technique as a rehabilitation workout.  The German army wanted him to teach his technique to their soldiers, this is when he left the country.  He brought Pilates to New York where it became extremely popular among dancers.


Fun Fact

In 1926, Joseph Pilates emigrated to the United States. During the voyage he met Clara Zeuner, whom he later married (many people don’t know that Clara was Joe’s third wife). Joe and Clara opened a fitness studio in New York, sharing an address with the New York City Ballet.




Primary Benefit Received

Pain Reduction


Other Benefits

Increase Strength, Enhance Muscle Tone, Increase Flexibility, Body Maintenance, Increase Circulation in Body.


Research Publication

The Effect of Pilates Exercises on Body Composition: a systematic review.

Arián R. Aladro-Gonzalvo, Lic.a, , , Míriam Machado-Díaz, MDb, José Moncada-Jiménez, Ph.D.a, c, Jessenia Hernández-Elizondo, Ph.D.a, Gerardo Araya-Vargas, M. Sc.a

Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (2012) 16(1), 109-114


Primary Findings of Research

Well-designed research is needed to determine how Pilates exercises impact BC on selected populations.




Typical Length of Offering

45 - 60 minutes


The offering is most often provided to small groups (3-10).


Offering is primarily suited for:

Day Spa (wellness focus), Resort/Hotel/Cruise Ship Spa, Destination Spa, Club Spa (day or residential), Pilates Studio/Gym.


How many treatment providers are needed to produce the offering?



Common License/Certification or Training necessary to provide the offering:

Physical Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer


Information about the most often used offering protocol

Pilates Protocol

PhsyiMind Institute

Individual Book (2005)


Type of space/facility most often used for the offering:

Group Fitness Studio

Type of space/facility that can be use for the offering:

Exercise Equipment Studio, Pilates Studio.


How many towels are used?



Does the guest generally use a robe and/or a wrap for the offering?



How many sheets are used?



Does the offering require the use of products (i.e. lotions, lacquers, scrubs, cleansers, etc.)?



Does the offering require the use of disposable supplies (i.e. cotton squares, balls and swabs, lancets, etc.)?



Equipment and supplies needed to provide the offering:

Floor Mat.


Beyond labor, linens, disposable supplies and products, please list any other direct costs associated with the offering?



Including only the following items (products, disposable items, linen laundry, and other direct costs---not labor), what is the typical cost of the offering?

$1 - $3 USD


Comments about offering costs.

The main costs associated with this would be paying the instructor and paying for studio space.


Typical single session price of the offering.

$10 - $100 USD


Comments about offering price.

Approximately $15 for a group class & $100 private class.




Publication used to prepare this submission.

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