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The realignment of the spine and bone/body mechanics in order to relieve backache and postural problems. This treatment is used to analyze and correct vertebral spinal nerve interferences and helps to maintain the natural organization of the body so that it can function at its fullest capacity.




Other Names



Description of Offering

A natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments done with the hand, to restore proper function to the nervous system, and help your body heal naturally.


This offering is a modern creation (originated after 1800).


Creator of Offering (Nationality)

Daniel David Palmer (North American)


Brief History of the Offering

Founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1895, Palmer believed chiropractic treatment was to be the cure for all diseases and illnesses. This was put to the test when Palmer noticed a janitor working in his office with a misaligned spine, he later found out the man was deaf and had lost his hearing shortly after a back injury. With his new knowledge, Palmer adjusted the janitor's spine with his hands and almost instantly, he could hear again and therefore birthed modern chiropractic treatment.


Fun Fact

The creator of chiropractic treatment Mr. Palmer, started a school of chiropractic, that provided the means for a Mr. C.R. Johnston, to be the first blind chiropractor (and an excellent one at that).




Primary Benefit Received

Pain Reduction


Other Benefits

Energy Alignment, Increase Flexibility, Increase Circulation in Body


Research Publication

Predictors of Improvement in Patients With Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain Undergoing Chiropractic Treatment

Cynthia K. Peterson, Jennifer Bolton, B. Kim Humphreys

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (2012), 35(7), 525-33


Primary Findings of Research

Patients with chronic and acute pain reporting that they were “much better” or “better” on the Patient Global Impression of Change scale at 1 week after the first chiropractic visit were 4 to 5 times more likely to be improved at both 1 and 3 months compared with patients who were not improved at 1 week.




Typical Length of Offering

45 - 60 minutes


The offering is most often provided one guest at a time.


Offering is primarily suited for:

Day Spa (wellness focus), Medical Clinic/Spa, Hospital/Rehabilitation,


How many treatment providers are needed to produce the offering?



Common License/Certification or Training necessary to provide the offering:

Medical Doctor


Information about the most often used offering protocol

Evidence-based Protocol for Structural Rehabilitation of the spine and posture.

Paul A. Oakley, Donald D. Harrison, and Jason W. Haas

The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (2005), 49(4), 270-96


Type of space/facility most often used for the offering:

Private Dry Treatment Room


Type of space/facility that can be use for the offering:

Private Medical Treatment Room


How many towels are used?



Does the guest generally use a robe and/or a wrap for the offering?



How many sheets are used?



Does the offering require the use of products (i.e. lotions, lacquers, scrubs, cleansers, etc.)?



Does the offering require the use of disposable supplies (i.e. cotton squares, balls and swabs, lancets, etc.)?



Equipment and supplies needed to provide the offering:

Reclined Table/Chair, Chiropractic Adjustment Equipment


Beyond labor, linens, disposable supplies and products, please list any other direct costs associated with the offering?



Including only the following items (products, disposable items, linen laundry, and other direct costs---not labor), what is the typical cost of the offering?

$1 - $3 USD


Comments about offering costs.

Primarily linen laundering.


Typical single session price of the offering.

$30 - $200 USD




Publication used to prepare this submission.

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Evidence Based Protocol for Structural Rehabilitation of the Spine and Posture

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Akeim Taylor

Florida Gulf Coast University


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With not much experience in the field, Akeim Taylor brings with him a passion and desire to learn about spa services. Currently a junior at Florida Gulf Coast University, he hopes to continue his pursuit of a hospitality career.


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