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The offering has it's roots in ancient practices
Early Civilizations (6000+ years ago)

Offering History:
As natural warm springs have been used since ancient times for healing, we can assume that vapor cave healing also date back to early history.

Fun Fact:
The time spent in the caves can be used as a stress reliever.

Primary Benefit Received from the Offering:
Stimulate respiratory system

Other Benefits Received from the Offering:
Stress Reduction

Primary Finding of Research:
There is no current research published which is focused on the benefits of anthotherapy.


Typical Length of Offering:
16 - 30 minutes

The offering is most often provided:
to small groups (3-10)

Offering Primarily Suited for the Following Type of Spa(s):
Day Spa (wellness focus)
Resort/Hotel/Cruise Ship Spa
Destination Spa

Number of Treatment Providers Needed to Produce the Offering:

Comments about the Offering Protocol:
Participants wear loose clothing, a robe, or swimwear, enter cave, relax either seated or lying down, and breath in the vapor from the hot springs. The cave is heated by the natural springs usually around 110 – 112 degrees F. Participants will spend between 10 – 12 minutes in the cave and then a brief resting period in a nearby cooling room.

Type of Space/Facility Used for Offering: 
Other (please specify)
Caves located around hot springs

Does the offering require the use of towels?

Does the guest generally use a robe and/or a wrap for the offering?

Does the offering require the use of sheets?

Does the offering require the use of products?

Does the offering require the use of disposable supplies?

Equipment and Supplies Commonly Used to Provide the Offering Include:
Optional chairs or loungers

Beyond Labor, Linens, Disposable Supplies and Products, what other direct costs are associated with the offering?

Typical US Session Cost:
$15-30 USD


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