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June 2016 Snapshot Survey – Retail

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Retail

Retail sales are an important income source for members, with 38 percent of all spas reporting an average of 10 – 15 percent of total annual sales revenue stemming from retail sales.

Maximize Your Retail with Revenue Boosting Ideas

June 16, 2017

Never be complacent in what you buy and how your store looks. Not only does your guest want the newest and on-trend item, but your team does also. By generating excitement within your team, and frequently re-creating your store, you motivate them to sell and promote more.

May 2015 Snapshot Survey – Retail

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Retail

Retail products are an important income source for members, contributing an average of 10-15 percent of total annual sales revenue.

May 2017 Snapshot Survey – Retail

September 6, 2017

Topic of focus – Retail

Nearly all spa members surveyed responded that they sell retail in their spas (99 percent); however, only 20 percent of spa respondents sell retail products directly to consumers online. This shows that spas continue to be mainly be brick-and-mortar retailers when it comes to selling products.

Money Matters: The Psychology of Recommending Homecare

March 26, 2021

Dr. Michela Henke-Cilenti, CPLP, has spent her career helping teams become personally accountable for their psychology when recommending products, homecare or add-ons to clients; to connect more deeply and authentically with the guest every time. This article will share a few of those insights, plus best practices on how you too can lead and coach your teams to seamlessly recommending, every time.

Pathway To Tranquility: Guiding the Guest Through the Spa Retail Space

January 4, 2024

An often overlooked aspect of a harmonious guest experience is the design of the spa’s retail area, where a deliberate traffic flow pattern can ensure guests are exposed to a diverse range of purchase options while every step leads them further into the spa’s brand story.

Creating an Inviting Entrance

The journey begins at the entrance to the retail space, where a welcoming and unobtrusive display draws guests into the retail space. A well-designed entrance not only sets the tone for the shopping experience, but also serves as a natural starting point for the traffic flow. Placing eye-catching and seasonal items near the entrance can pique interest, enticing guests to explore further.

Guiding the Flow

The layout should encourage a circular or serpentine path, allowing guests to navigate seamlessly through the retail area. Placing focal points strategically along this path ensures high-end items receive the attention they deserve. Consider incorporating feature displays, highlighting premium products and utilizing effective signage to guide guests through different sections.

Renovating a Spa for Today’s Consumer

January 4, 2024

Sooner or later, most spa owners will consider a renovation to ensure their facility continues to be relevant and attractive to customers. In the ISPA Town Hall held in December 2023, panelists shared their insights about lessons learned during renovations, including budget tips, how they selected vendor partners and the exciting new additions to their spas resulting from renovations. Town Hall panelists included Trina Jefferson of Opal Spas, Sharon Holtz of The Springs Resort and Spa, Becky Leuluai of Hilton and Jane Segerberg of Segerberg Spa Consulting LLC. ISPA Chair Patrick Huey moderated the discussion.

Driving Decisions Around Renovations and Size of Spa

“It’s more about being able to create communal experiences and having social wellness,” Sharon Holtz noted about a primary goal of spa renovations. “People need different things, and it’s how we create different environments and programming to take care of everyone.”

Retail Management | Chapter 2.3 | Synchronizing Retail with Spa Philosophy

March 22, 2017

There are many choices in today’s world of spas. With so many options for consumers to choose among, spas make themselves stand out by creating a spa philosophy, a culture within the spa that embodies its mission and core values.

Retail Management for Spas

March 21, 2017

Retail Management for Spas represents an important step in the sustainability of the spa industry. The global spa industry has experienced a great deal of change. In some countries, the industry has seen phenomenal growth and in other areas, this growth is just beginning.

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Retail Management for Spas | Chapter 1 | The Art and Science of Retail

March 21, 2017

During the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries numerous European spas flourished and were supported with full medical staffs and professional personnel. Typically spa visitors were sent to a resort spa by their home doctors in order to “take the waters” and “make a cure.”

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