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Create a Revenue Management Culture

October 3, 2023

Making more money next year is always the expectation—but how can you get there? Sure, you’ll need to control expenses as much as possible, but you’ll need to increase your topline revenue as well. Adam Hayashi, Accor North & Central America’s vice president of revenue management, recently shared several insights about applying yield management strategies to spas as a way to bring more to the top line. “Take baby steps,” he advises. “When you’re adopting a revenue management culture, you don’t want to throw too much in the beginning because at the end of the day, getting your frontline staff to buy into what you’re doing is important. They’re the ones who are going to be speaking with a guest. It should be seamless. It should be something that flies under the radar.”

Hayashi’s approach to creating a revenue management culture in spas is to move through three stages.

Create a Team of “Sell-ebrities”

October 3, 2023

A big “win” for spa directors: Leading a spa team whose members understand how retail sales contribute both to the customer experience and to the spa’s financial success. While product sales may not be the primary responsibility for many employees, everyone who interacts with spa guests should have at least some sales proficiency.

Product sales training is not a one-time task. Spa employees become comfortable helping to promote retail sales once they have developed product knowledge and merchandising acumen. Beyond establishing mere competence, however, they become enthusiastic sellers when offered ongoing learning opportunities. Here are several tips to make every team member a “sell-ebrity” in your spa:

Dressing Up Your Retail Space: Smart Visual Merchandising Ideas

April 5, 2017

Visual merchandising is the deliberate design, layout and presentation of a retail space, as well as the products and services sold in that pace. The basics of visual merchandising are simple common sense and can be learned by anyone.

Five Tips to Increase Spa Retail Sales

June 21, 2017

When I consult with spa managers in the United States they often tell me that their number one problem is getting their staff to sell retail products. The past three years spent working in Asia has shown me that the same challenges exist.

How Spa Product Differentiation Can Help You Beat the Competition

June 23, 2017

Enrique founded a spa/beauty product line created from plants and vegetables unique to a village in South America. For each product sold he gave back 15% of the profit to assist the village in building a school.  His distributor positioned the line in the spas of a very upscale hotel chain.  Life became exhilarating; he began to get a lot of media attention. He was invited to speak at several high profile spa events, to promote his products. He and his assistant conducted intensive training at the spas personally to ensure that the therapists understood the protocols.

How Spas Can Generate More Revenue for the Holidays

March 16, 2021

THE HOLIDAYS CAN BE AN ABUNDANT TIME FOR THE SPA INDUSTRY, and despite current restrictions, we are confident that with hard work, flexibility and creativity, you’ll navigate the busiest time of year and and—more importantly—increase sales at the spa.

Is Your Spa “Holiday-Ready”?

October 3, 2023

The holiday season seems to begin earlier every year. To help ISPA members plan for the year-end rush, a Town Hall this summer focused on getting your spa “holiday-ready” with creative seasonal promotions and incentive ideas like gift cards and open houses. Panelists at the July Town Hall included Aaliya Bashir, owner of Warrior Body Spa; Charlotte Prescott, director of spa and fitness at Privai Spa at the Kimpton Epic, Arch Amenities Group; Ginger McLean, director of spa operations at Hard Rock Atlantic City; Justin Vanderpoel, assistant spa director at Well & Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess; and Patrick Huey, ISPA chairman, as moderator.

The idea of “Christmas in July” is more than a marketing gimmick. By mid-summer, most spas are already beginning their planning for holiday sales and year-end promotions. “We started our holiday planning [in July] with preliminary meetings,” said Justin Vanderpoel. “It’s never too early to start planning. We like to include everyone in the leadership team at our meetings. The more minds, the better.”

Ginger McLean said, “We create a framework of our marketing calendar in September for the next year. We then meet quarterly with everyone and work hand-in-hand across the property to ensure everything is consistent.”

Aaliya Bashir shared, “Our spa plans our marketing four months out. Our biggest days for revenue are Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

It’s an Animal’s Planet: Leadership and Business Advice from the Wild

June 12, 2018

Survival of the fittest, constant adaption to change—the wilderness and the corporate world have many similarities.

June 2016 Snapshot Survey – Retail

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Retail

Retail sales are an important income source for members, with 38 percent of all spas reporting an average of 10 – 15 percent of total annual sales revenue stemming from retail sales.

Maximize Your Retail with Revenue Boosting Ideas

June 16, 2017

Never be complacent in what you buy and how your store looks. Not only does your guest want the newest and on-trend item, but your team does also. By generating excitement within your team, and frequently re-creating your store, you motivate them to sell and promote more.

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