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Consumer Snapshot Volume VII: Millennial Perceptions and Preferences

January 23, 2017

No longer the new kids on the block, millennials have rapidly become a powerful player in commerce in the U.S. and beyond.

December 2015 Snapshot Survey – 2015 Year In Review

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Year In Review

ISPA members were given a list of marketing channels and asked to specify whether they increased, decreased or made no change to each channel from 2014 to 2015.

December 2016 Snapshot Survey – 2016 Year in Review

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Year in Review

All respondents were asked to name some of their favorites for 2016. The most commonly listed favorite books of 2016 included Start with Why by Simon Sinek, Daring Greatly by Brenè Brown.

December 2017 Snapshot Survey – Year in Review

March 6, 2018

Topic of focus – Year in Review

The year in review survey asks participants about their favorite things of 2017, including their favorite new marketing initiative, favorite book read in 2017, favorite new spa product, favorite new tech gadget or mobile app, favorite change made by their company and favorite keynote, TED Talk or other presentation seen this year.

December 2018 Snapshot Survey – Year in Review

January 23, 2019

Topic of focus – Year in Review

Respondents this month were asked some of their favorite things from 2018, including favorite company marketing resources, books they read, new spa products, tech gadget or mobile app they used, changes their company made, and keynote or presentations they watched or attended.

February 2015 Snapshot Survey – Word-of-Mouth Marketing

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Spas are creatively finding ways to encourage existing clients to help spread the word about their treatments and products.  Among ISPA spa members, 39 percent have a referral program in place to incentivizes customers to refer new clients.

February 2016 Snapshot Survey – Employee Training

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Employee Training

Quality employee training is essential to the success of any business within the spa industry.  Spa members are offering a variety of training opportunities to ensure their clients receive the best experience possible.

February 2017 Snapshot Survey – Wellness

September 6, 2017

Topic of focus – Wellness

Overall, slightly more than half (56 percent) of all resource partner respondents incorporate the term “wellness,” in their marketing messaging. Nearly six out of ten spa member respondents (59 percent) use “wellness” in their marketing messaging with the resort/hotel spa segment using it more often than day spas (60 percent and 50 percent respectively).

February 2018 Snapshot Survey – Technology in the Workplace

November 27, 2018

Topic of focus – Technology in the Workplace

In terms of offering tech-related options in the spa, day spa respondents tended to offer these amenities at a higher rate than resort/hotel spa respondents. The largest difference was among those offering appointment text confirmations/reminders, with 83 percent of day spa respondents offering this feature compared to only 24 percent of resort/hotel spa respondents. Other tech-related areas that day spa participants offer more frequently than resort/hotel spa participants are online appointment bookings, 87 percent to 49 percent respectively, and appointment email confirmations/reminders, at 96 percent and 79 percent respectively.

February 2019 Snapshot Survey — Philanthropy

February 20, 2019

Topic of focus – Philanthropy

The February Snapshot Survey provides a look at philanthropic initiatives in the spa industry.

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