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April 2019 Snapshot Survey — Quarterly Performance

May 29, 2019

Topic of focus – Quarterly Performance

The numbers in this Snapshot Survey continue to paint the picture of the spa industry’s growth. Eighty-three percent of all spa respondents reported an increase in gross revenue change when comparing the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2018. This number was even higher for day spa respondents at 85 percent. A smaller percentage of resource partner respondents reported an increase, though still over half at 57 percent.

April 2020 Snapshot Survey — Quarterly Performance/COVID-19

December 15, 2020

ISPA’s Snapshot Surveys traditionally provide quarterly examinations of spa and resource partner performance, and this edition continues that custom. However, as the global coronavirus crisis continues to profoundly affect the spa industry, the need for detailed insight into how it will continue to respond remains substantial. As a result, this survey sought that additional context and attempts to offer as clear a picture as possible of how the industry is navigating the path toward reopening as restrictions are lifted in their areas.

August 2015 Snapshot Survey – Full-Time versus Part-Time Employees

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Full-Time versus Part-Time Employees

The headline numbers reveal an industry that provides employment for many people on a part-time basis, but that is also generous when converting to full-time.

August 2016 Snapshot Survey – Job Descriptions

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Job Descriptions

When asked which job positions had written descriptions almost all (99 percent) of all spas responded yes for both massage therapist and receptionist roles. 

August 2017 Snapshot Survey – Marketing

March 6, 2018

Topic of focus – Marketing

The most used marketing tactics used by spa respondents include social media (96 percent) and email (89 percent). These were also the top two tactics used in the Day Spa and Resort/Hotel Spa segments. No other tactics listed were used by more than half of spa respondents. The same two tactics, social media (89 percent) and email (85 percent) were used by resource partner respondents, while magazines (53 percent) were also in use by more than half of them.

August 2018 Snapshot Survey – Employee Training

November 27, 2018

Topic of focus – Employee Training

The 2018 ISPA Spa Workforce Study showed employee training as a significant need in the spa industry and finding well trained employees was a top area of concern for spa directors. This Snapshot Survey report dives deeper into the training programs implemented by spa and resource partner members alike to further investigate the current practices, as well as wants and needs of those in the industry.

August 2019 Snapshot Survey — Retail

November 6, 2019

The August 2019 Snapshot Survey inquired about retail sales, from both the spa and resource partner perspectives.

August 2020 Snapshot Survey — The Post-Reopening Industry Workforce

December 15, 2020

July’s Snapshot Survey results offered insight into the impact that pandemic-related occupancy restrictions and the continued hesitancy of some guests to return to spas have had on spa revenues. This month’s data highlights the ways in which those factors—and others—have affected staffing throughoutthe industry.

Consumer Snapshot Volume V: Social Media and the Spa-Goer

January 23, 2017

The fifth volume of this initiative takes a deeper look at social media usage trends and preferences among today’s consumer when it comes to spa.

Consumer Snapshot Volume VI: Consumer Perceptions and Preferences

January 23, 2017

This volume aims to shine a light on spa usage trends and perceptions of the spa industry around the world.

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