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Harassment and Discrimination Workplace Awareness Best Practices – Prohibiting Harassment in Spa

June 18, 2018

Harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, has become a serious area of concern.  As businesses aim to offer wellness experiences, spas are challenged to ensure they are creating a safe and positive environment for both clients, employees, and other third parties. 

How to Spot and Hire Top Talent

March 31, 2017

Have you ever come across a rock star employee in your work place? A rock star team member is one who strives for excellence, welcomes new ideas, brings fresh perspective to the table, plays well with the team but leads with accountability and, at the end of the day, gets things done because results matter. 

Interview Questions

March 28, 2017

Looking for new ways to learn more about job candidates during the interview process? ISPA members shared their favorite interview questions in a previous ISPA Snapshot Survey. You are sure to find some thought-provoking conversation starters for your next interview here.

Leading the Way Through Mentoring

March 16, 2021

SPA INDUSTRY LEADERS are often quick to point out all the ways in which their colleagues have supported their growth and played key roles in the success of their careers. Many can even cite a particular individual whose impact is greater than the rest. In some cases, these formative relationships happen by chance, but spa leaders seeking to foster growth in their teams, retain top employees and achieve their spas’ performance goals cannot simply place their trust in serendipity. Formal mentoring programs, though, can take luck out of the equation and help spas reach new heights.

Member Perspectives: Reset Your Retention

March 26, 2021

As the world returns to normal after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spa industry will rebound. Pent-up demand for travel and soothing human touch will bring business back to spas and resource partners, even if consumers are demanding different treatments, clearer hygiene standards and greater transparency than before.

Mind and Body: How to Promote Mental Well-Being in Your Spa

March 16, 2021

Many people who enter the spa industry see themselves as healers by nature, whether they are working as a practitioner or creating products that are sold in a spa. That strong desire to help and take care of people is often the common thread between spa managers and vendors. When it comes to employees’ mental well-being, however, spa leaders must balance that impulse with a clear understanding of the limits of their role and the ability to recognize when employees may be best served by outside resources.

Rise Above the Circumstances When Re-Hiring

March 26, 2021

Getting back in the saddle is not easy. The thought of it might inspire movies and songs, but the actual engagement can be tough. Think about what it’s like to exercise after months of not doing so; it’s challenging, to say the least! Not much may differ in sentiment for people returning to the workforce after the forced hiatus of COVID-19. Sentiment will carry over into the hiring flow, particularly as it relates to the manner in which layoffs/furloughs were handled. Spas and resource partners who communicated well, handled people as kindly as possible and were transparent about organizational stability will likely do better with re-hiring. Trust is a commodity that will still be a valuable currency. Those former employees who return or who have returned will be a mouthpiece for positivity to others who are added. They will be passionate about what kind of team is in place.

Talent Topics: Supporting Your Transgender and Nonbinary Staff

March 26, 2021

According to a 2016 study conducted by the Williams Institute, approximately 1.4 million transgender adults are living in the United States. Since this study was done several years ago, by phone, and only includes people over 18 years old, we know that the true number of individuals is higher.

Working with Local Schools

March 26, 2021

Looking for new talent? Here are five ways to work with local schools to genreate future spa industry professionals.

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