Glossary Terms

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Creative Visualization

Learn about a technique and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where you are taken on a journey to visualize yourself in a new, more positive light.


A therapy using a “wand” of frozen products which produce a vasoconstricting effect on skin tissue and muscle mass thereby creating a “lifting” of the areas to be treated.

Cross Training

A fitness regimen alternating between aerobic, flexibility, and strength exercises (one type of exercise per day) for 30 minutes.


Whole body cryotherapy in a sauna-like environment is the process of exposing the body to extremely low temperatures (-110 to -130C) in a controlled environment for a limited amount of time.


Cryotherapy is a pain treatment that uses a method of localized freezing temperatures to deaden an irritated nerve. Cryotherapy is also used as a method of treating localized areas of some cancers (called cryosurgery), to treat abnormal skin cells by dermatologists.

Crystal Therapy (Crystal Healing)

Healing energy believed to be generated by quartz and other minerals. Crystals are known to have electromagnetic energy, as does the human body.

Cutting/Styling Hair

The act or job of cutting and arranging people’s hair.


Other Name(s):
Kol Kolis, Hilot Foot Massage, Filipino Tribal Foot Massage

Definition of Offering:
A version of hilot massage using bamboo or rattan sticks to stimulate pressure points on the soles and feet of clients.

Dance Therapy

Combining self-knowledge and personal analysis with studies in psychotherapy, dance has been rediscovered as a healing art.

Day Spa

The Day Spa category is available to those persons, firms, corporations or other business entities which operate a spa offering a variety of professionally administered spa services to clients on a day use basis.

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