Glossary Terms

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Clairvoyant Reading

Seek clarity in your future or communicate with passed loved ones through a clairvoyant with the help of their heightened perceptive abilities or natural extensions of sight, sound, touch, taste or intuition.

Club Spa

The Club Spa category is available to those persons, firms, corporations or other business entities which operate a facility whose primary purpose is fitness and which offers a variety of professionally administered spa services on a day use basis.

Cold Plunge

A cold water pool used to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being, specifically reducing inflammation.

Colonic Irrigation

Water irrigation (enema) of the entire colon, intended to cleanse out trapped impurities, preventing the recycling of toxins into the blood stream.

Color Analysis

Determining the colors that best suit an individual based on their natural coloring.

Compresses (Cold and Hot)

A folded cloth or pad applied so as to press upon a body part.


Conscious Bodywork

A form of neuromuscular reprogramming and therapy which combines massage techniques with muscle testing to help patients learn how to use their muscles with greater strength and less effort.

Contrast Therapy

A form of treatment where a limb or the entire body is immersed in ice water followed by the immediate immersion of the limb or body in warm water.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) involves light holding of the cranium and sacrum. Small movements are made during the therapy to manipulate the joints of the skull. It is believed that the tiny manipulations of CST influence the pressure and circulatory rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that surrounds and cushions the brain and spinal cord.

Creative Therapy (Creative Movement)

A form of therapy that uses kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional functions to work out the mind and body through expressive movement.

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