Glossary Terms

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Body Contour

A series of exercises which tone various parts of the body such as buttocks and abdomen, while increasing flexibility as well.

Body Scrub (non-product)

Body scrubs remove the upper layer of dead skin, leaving the skin soft. Types include herbal, loofah, clay and salt.

Body Wrap

A beauty treatment in which the body is covered in a skin care lotion/product and wrapped tightly in strips of cloth in order to promote weight loss or improve skin tone.

Body-Mind Counseling

A general term meaning a range of practices which combine bodywork and verbal dialogue together. Is usually a less formal treatment than psychotherapy, and may also encompass advice about diet or lifestyle issues.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy

Developed by fitness expert Bonnie Prudden in 1976, this bodywork method is intended to relax muscle spasms, improve blood circulation and diminish pain.

Breath Therapy

An umbrella term covering a broad range of therapeutic approaches that emphasize the importance of breathing and its potential to affect human health.

Breema Bodywork

Originated in the mountains of Kurdistan. Practitioners of this method view the body as an energy system, although its meridians are not the same as those identified in the healing arts of China.

Brush/Glove/Loofah Exfoliation (Brush and Tone, Loofah Body Scrub)

Dry exfoliation of the skin, is intended to remove dead layers and impurities while stimulating circulation.

Cannabis Treatments

Other Name(s):
Cannabidiol, CBD treatments

Definition of Offering:
Spa treatments using CBD oil or lotion for analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety purposes.

Carbon Dioxide Bath

A bath taken in water that is saturated with carbon dioxide.

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