Glossary Terms

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This bodywork therapy utilizes traditional Asian medical principles to assess and evaluate imbalances in the energetic system. It aims to restore and maintain optimum health through the treatment of the physical body, the bio-energy, and the emotions, which are all bound into the neuromuscular system.


The opposite of aerobic, anaerobic applies to exercises or movements that do not require blood circulation or delivery of oxygen to the muscles, as in weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Animal Encounter Therapy

Pet Encounter Therapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy AAT


Other Name(s):
Vapor Cave

Definition of Offering:
Therapeutic spa treatments provided either in dry conditions or in hot and humid caves filled with vapors.


Other Name(s):
Bee Venom Therapy, Bee Sting Therapy, BVT


Aqua Exercise (Aqua Aerobics)

Aerobics workouts performed in a swimming pool. Water resistance is utilized to stretch, strengthen and increase stamina. This activity is also commonly known as aquacize.

Aquamedic Pool

This wonderful experience has been passed down for centuries. It’s a sensation over your whole body in a pure seawater pool that is comfortably heated. Jets create hundreds of bubbles inside the pool leading to bliss and relaxation for all.


An ancient healing art dating back to 4500 B. C., Aromatherapy usually refers to treatments such as massage, facials, body wraps or hydro baths with the application of essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage combines the power of pure essential oils to help balance our whole body well-being, on a physical level, balance the mind and emotions, combined with a specialized massage drawn from the traditions of both East and West.

Art Therapy

Characterized by the use of symbolic communication presented by graphic, pictorial, sculpted, modeled, collage-composed, or other art media. Art expression involves a confrontation with the psychic images of the realm of inner perception.

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