Glossary Terms

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Interval Training

A series of high-energy exercises succeeded by a period of low-intensity activity. A combination of high-energy exercise followed by a period of low-intensity activity.

Ion Foot Detox Bath

Other Name(s):
Ionic Foot Bath, Foot Detox Bath

Definition of Offering:
A ion foot detox bath is said to remove toxins from your body through your feet.


Iridology is based on the premise that every organ in the body has a corresponding location within the iris of the eye, which serves as an indicator of the organ’s health or disease.


A patented design of a whirlpool bath or a mechanism which swirls water in a bath with underwater jets.


Jamu is the traditional herbal medicine of Indonesia. There are hundreds of recipes that can treat particular ailments, improve or maintain health and enhance beauty. While it is most commonly consumed as a beverage, it is also available in powders and capsules.

Japanese Enzyme Bath

A three part treatment lasting about an hour. First you are served hot enzyme tea, then you submerge in a large wooden tub filled with fragrant blends of cedar fibers and plant enzymes imported from Japan.

Jin Shin Do ®

Other Name(s):
Jin Shin Do Acupressure

This method combines acupressure, Taoist yogic breathing methods and Reichian segmental, with the goal of releasing physical and emotional tension.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

An ancient Japanese art of harmonizing the body’s energy system. Similar to acupuncture in philosophy and intention, Jin Shin Jyutsu uses light touch rather than needles.


A Kansa tool treatment will help relax the muscles, reduce stress and tension, detox the skin (which is our biggest organ), and improve complexion. It is a gentle and noninvasive therapy.

Kirlian Photography

The Kirlian photographic process uses a technique to take photographs using high voltage to reveal the “aura” around the physical object.

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