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The following resources have been developed by ISPA in partnership with countless spa leaders across the globe. The energy and expertise shared by these amazing volunteers helped create a Spa Reopening Toolkit. The toolkit will equip spas with the guidance and resources needed to safely reopen their spas when their government entities allow them to do so. The items are customizable allowing spas of different types, sizes and locations to create a plan that follows the guidelines set by their respective governing bodies. The toolkit will continue to grow in the weeks ahead, so please check back often for updated materials.
If you click on the "customizable copy" links below via a mobile device, select the option when prompted to open via your web browser/Internet to access them with ease.
NEW Mask Management Tips (PDF)
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many spas now require guests to wear face masks. The advice included in this tip sheet, sourced from ISPA members, are intended as general guidance for managing the use of masks in a spa setting.
NEW ADA Mask Exemption Request SOP & Guest Communication Template (PDF) Click here to download a customizable copy.
This document includes guidance on maintaining face mask policies while complying fully with ADA requirements. Also included is a template for communicating denial of service with guests who do not meet your spa's face mask policy.
NEW Shutdown Action Plan Checklist (PDF) Click here to download a customizable copy.
This checklist provides suggested guidance for spas in the event of a facility shutdown due to COVID-19 or a similar event.
NEW COVID-19 Waiver Form (PDF) Click here to download a customizable copy.
This document provides a generalized template for use as a COVID-19 guest waiver.
This checklist will serve as a guide for spas as they develop their custom reopening strategy. In addition to the checklist, a set of communications templates are included at the end of the document to assist with marketing efforts.
This checklist provides additional guidance and support for employees returning to work following COVID-19-related closures. Consider completing the steps below as part of a five to ten-day countdown.
This one page poster highlights the spa industry’s shared commitment to staff and guests by identifying seven standards intended to foster confidence and peace of mind as spas reopen.
This FAQ provides detailed guidelines, sourced from the CDC, for the proper use of personal protective equipment, including cloth face coverings and gloves.
The customizable Returning Staff FAQ template provides space to document and respond to important questions spa staff may have as they return to work (suggestions included), with space to add and amend questions and answers as necessary. Additionally, the customizable talking points template provides space to supply staff with unified responses to possible guest questions and concerns (suggestions included), with space to add and amend questions and answers as necessary.
This document will serve as an overview for the necessary sanitation and hygiene standards that will need to be considered prior to reopening.  As with all of these documents, the standards may be updated over time as circumstances change.
All spas who commit to ISPA’s Sanitation & Hygiene Standards are encourage to display this commitment visual within their spa and/or website. 
For those looking to print signs or visuals to display messaging relating to sanitation, distance requirements, etc., these downloadable templates will come in handy for those who don’t have access to a marketing team.
ISPA Snapshot Surveys
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, ISPA's monthly research initiatives have focused on identifying the industry's response and recovery. Completed reports are linked below:
  • Mayo Clinic Spa Reopening Q&A: Dr. Brent Bauer and Dr. Nadir Bhuiyan weigh in on pertinent industry questions and provide specific insights on how best to navigate the spa reopening process from all angles.
  • Coping with Anxiety Q&A: In this ISPA Interview, anxiety research expert Dr. Brian Fallon (Columbia University Medical Center) talks with ISPA's Josh Corman on addressing the issue of anxiety and mental health among spa professionals as the industry begins to reopen.
  • Supporting Mental Wellness Q&A: ISPA's Josh Corman interviews Kristine Huffman, an owner and partner at Hutchinson Consulting, on the importance of mental wellness in our industry at this time.
  • PPE & Public Health Q&A: Amir Hematt, senior director for public health & workplace safety at Zeel, discusses the challenges of PPE procurement and quality assurance facing the spa industry and offers advice for navigating them.
  • Mayo Clinic on What's Next for Spas: Dr. Brent Bauer and Dr. Nadir Bhuiyan of the Mayo Clinic cover the steps spas should be taking to ensure staff safety as we enter flu season, how spas can continue to support guests’ immune health, and how they should handle masks and PPE even if case numbers start to drop.
In the wake of COVID-19 and global spa closings, ISPA partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct a thorough and timely Consumer Snapshot study and gain insights on the current status of the spa consumer. Click here to download the complimentary executive summary. ISPA members can log into the Research Library to view the full Consumer Snapshot Vol. X report.

ISPA would like to recognize the volunteers who have donated countless hours of their personal time to help develop these resources.  Their collective industry expertise provided an incredible insight into the immediate needs of the spa industry, during an unprecedented time.  These individuals, many of which were on furlough, represented all areas of the spa industry.  In addition to the ISPA Board of Directors, the individuals and organizations who have elected to share their participation are listed below. 

Sharilyn Abbajay
Michelle Adams Somerville
Emmanuel Arroyo
Noel Asmar
Emlyn Brown
Jill Carlen
Kristen Daley
Maggy Dunphy
Holly Edgin
Brennan Evans
Patricia Field
Todd Hewitt
Derek Hofmann
Suzanne Holbrook
Sharon Holtz
Patrick Huey
Kristine Huffman
Dawn MacLellan
Kelleye Martin
Jeremy McCarthy
Garrett  Mersberger
Jay Muller
Magdaleena Nikolov
Daniel Poulin
Livia Reddington
Kenneth Ryan
Jessica Shea
Yvonne Smith
Daisy Tepper
Kristy Whitford
Paul Wright
Organizations and Groups:
Bradford Products
Certified Clean-Site
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
ISPA Board of Directors
ISPA Volunteer Task Forces
Landry’s Inc.
Marriott International
Mayo Clinic
Montage International
Noel Asmar Uniforms
Ready Care
Rosewood Hotels and Resorts
Terranea Resort
The Post Oak Hotel 
Trilogy Spa Holdings

ISPA would also like to thank the numerous spa community members who shared their reopening plans and experiences, participated in Virtual Chats and took part in monthly Snapshot Surveys.  In addition, ISPA’s Speaker Task Force and Volunteer Committee members have been amazing sounding boards and graciously shared their expertise in various ways. 

A note from ISPA: These resources do not supersede any laws under which your spa operates. Always follow the health and sanitation regulations established by your local, state or national governments. All ISPA guidelines, templates and resources should be reviewed by your legal counsel prior to use and distribution to ensure they are in compliance with the laws of your respective governing body. The resources are meant to be customizable with applicable components being used as deemed appropriate by each individual spa location.