• Book4Time

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    Nima Chadha | nchadha@book4time.com | 647.407.6468


    Book4Time offers an online booking spa management platform. To create contactless experiences while maintaining the overall leisure experience, Book4Time allows guests to book online ahead of their appointment, fill-in forms about their medical history from their personal phones prior to arriving and ultimately, reduce the amount of touchpoints they must endure while in the spa. Inquiries will be addressed within 24 hours. Book4Time takes 8-12 weeks to get a business up and running.

  • Mindbody

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    Margaret Weniger | margaret.weniger@mindbodyonline.com | 866.966.9798


    Mindbody's Booker Software is transforming the wellness industry by powering a low-touch and safe visit experience from booking to checkout for staff, therapists, and their clients. Make your reopening a success by engaging clients and staff with email and text marketing tools, and an AI receptionist that can book, upsell, and answer client questions 24/7. Check-in is seamless (and contactless) with 2-way text and digital forms and waivers – after you provide an exceptional experience, checkout and rebooking is as simple as letting your clients float out of your spa, with payment and tip info already on file and AI receptionist that handles rebooking for you.

    When spas need software, it’s ready for them. Booker also has an onboarding team to help spas quickly learn how to get the most of their new software.

  • Springer-Miller Systems / SpaSoft

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    Theresa Hamberger | theresa_hamberger@springermiller.com | 702.529.1514

    Springer-Miller Systems / SpaSoft

    SpaSoft is an industry leading, all-in-one spa management solution, trusted by over 65% of the
    world’s five-star spas. With real-time activities scheduling, online spa booking, and mobile
    capabilities, SpaSoft is a solution truly built for the modern spa. Once a contract is signed, SpaSoft can implement the software in 4-6 weeks.

  • ResortSuite

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    Lauren Eathorne | sales@resortsuite.com | 416.259.0715


    Guests will be arriving seeking the human touch of a spa treatment in the clean, safe environment of a spa. For other transactional parts of the experience, guests will be seeking a Touchless Guest Journey that ResortSuite MOBILE can deliver—from mobile check-in and digital keys to mobile intake, menus, booking, itinerary, mobile ID and mobile payments.

  • Zenoti

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    Caroline Hess | carolineh@zenoti.com | 425.287.9459


    With the changes 2020 brought to our industry, Zenoti’s product offers a touchless experience from check-in to check-out. Before they even set foot in the store, guests can fill out any needed information with Zenoti Digital Forms, reducing unnecessary touch. Zenoti Go offers touchless check-ins without long lines or hassles. Zenoti Connect offers two-way texting capabilities that allow customers and employees seamless communications. Zenoti Payments allows customers to pay and tip from their own trusted mobile devices.

  • Agilysys, Inc.

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    Jennifer Reeves | jennifer.reeves@agilysys.com | 770.810.6007

    Agilysys, Inc.

    Let Agilysys' technology work its magic. Use an appointment process that’s seamless, providing visibility to service price, duration, comments, setup time, breakdown time and priority status. Leverage real-time updates that provide a detailed list of appointments scheduled, checked-in, completed, as well as no shows and holds.

  • Hutchinson Consulting

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    Carol Stratford | carol@hutchinsonconsulting.com | 520.668.6851

    Hutchinson Consulting

    Hutchinson Consulting understands that teams are lean, budgets are tight, but needs have only increased. They have developed a package of marketing solutions to help your business pivot and succeed at budgets you can afford.

    To recover from the challenges of COVID-19, you need industry expertise. Hutchinson Consulting's clients include five-star resorts, award winning spas and renowned wellness companies. With decades of experience in marketing, they can provide the tools you need for a successful comeback.

    Click here for their solutions.

    For a limited time, Hutchinson Consulting is offering 20% off their marketing solution options to the first 10 ISPA members.

  • Contento Marketing

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    Nancy Griffin | nancy@contentomarketing.com | 415.987.0012

    Contento Marketing

    If you have a COVID-19 recovery story to tell, let Contento Marketing spread the word to the global spa trade. Whether you are a spa or resource partner, the right press coverage is key to staying relevant in the "next normal."

    Contento Marketing is offering half price on press releases for the first five ISPA Members. Email nancy@contentomarketing.com for a free 30 minute consultation.

  • Natura Bisse

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    Terry Prager | terryprager@naturabisse.com | 214.223.9557

    Natura Bisse

    Natura Bisse has created a 10-Module Spa Director Training course, available on-demand and free of charge on their website. A new module is created and added every month.

  • International WELL Building Institute

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    Elizabeth Miles | elizabeth.miles@wellcertified.com | 847.912.5014

    International WELL Building Institute

    The WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all facility types, focused on operational policies, maintenance protocols, emergency plans and stakeholder education to address a post-COVID-19 environment now and broader health and safety-related issues into the future.

    Designed to empower owners and operators across large and small businesses alike to prioritize the health of staff, visitors and stakeholders, the WELL Health-Safety Rating can guide you in preparing your spaces for re-entry as you respond to COVID-19.

    The WELL Health-Safety seal signifies your visible commitment to supporting the health of individuals in your space.

  • PRP Architects

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    Kenzie Dickens | kenzie@prparc.com | 859.268.1720

    PRP Architects

    PRP Architects offer design consultation and architectural services to assist with any renovations or restructuring your spa may need. They also offer design services for new builds if your company is looking to expand.

    They also offer a no cost, no obligation initial consultation with an architect to discuss your design needs. This initial meeting is usually booked within a month of initial request, depending on availability. All other services are dependent on the needs of the individual client, the time frame in which they are working, and PRP's capacity.

    For more information about their process and pricing, contact them for a brochure or any other questions you may have. They look forward to helping you meet your design needs.