A new chapter of ISPA's Virtual Chat Series is here. Heart of the Matter will take a heartfelt look at issues that impact us as spa professionals and as human beings. These sessions will be released on-demand on ISPA's YouTube channel and linked below.

Jane Cho | Embracing the Unexpected

Jane Cho, an executive coach and consultant whose clients include actors, business leaders and community leaders joins ISPA Board Chairman Patrick Huey to discuss stress resilience, taking advantage of unexpected opportunities and the keys to making our workforce more diverse and inclusive.

Maulik Pancholy | Why Representation Matters

Actor (30 Rock, Phineas and Ferb) and author (The Best at It) Maulik Pancholy joins ISPA Board Chairman Patrick Huey to discuss the importance of representation, as well as his extensive anti-bullying work as the Chair and Co-Founder of the nonprofit Act to Change.

Nicholas Pepper | The Power of a Good Story

Nicholas Pepper oversees all aspects of television and digital content, including development, business and legal affairs, production, post, finance, marketing and international as president of Legendary Television and Digital Studios.

Regina Bain | Finding Restoration in Community

Regina Bain is an artist, leader, facilitator and program designer with over 16 years of experience building non-profit capacity for organizational growth. She now serves as the Executive Director of the Louis Armstrong House Museum (LAHM).

Jordan Matter | Making Magic on Social Media

ISPA Chairman Patrick Huey sits down with world-renowned photographer Jordan Matter to talk about the keys to building a robust social media presence.

fnnch | Art is for Everybody

fnnch is a "contemporary pop" artist based in San Francisco who believes art is for everyone. In his work, which can be found from San Francisco to Hong Kong, he often puts an uplifting twist on everyday objects. His Wine Bear artist’s proof was donated to the ISPA Foundation Holiday Mini-Auction.

Donny Starkins | Living Mindfully

Donny Starkins' unique journey through adversity to becoming a go-to life coach for some of the top professional athletes in the world makes his voice even more relevant in the current climate as we all look for ways to connect with the best version of ourselves.

Harley Pasternak | Personal Fitness Today and Beyond

In this illuminating conversation, celebrity trainer, nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author Harley Pasternak joins ISPA Board Chairman Patrick Huey to discuss tips for maintaining fitness and finding motivation during the pandemic, as well as his family’s unique quarantine-busting experiences.

Kathryn Hahn | Seeking Joy

Kathryn Hahn—the hilarious star of films and television series from Bad Moms to Mrs. Fletcher to I Know This Much is True, as well as Disney Plus’s upcoming Marvel series, WandaVision—joins ISPA board chairman Patrick Huey for a wide-ranging conversation about the challenges of finding joy and balancing both a professional and personal life during the pandemic.

Tembi Locke | A Journey of Grief, Resilience and Healing

On September 1, Heart of the Matter will feature New York Times best-selling author, actor and advocate Tembi Locke in conversation with ISPA Board Chairman Patrick Huey about grief, resilience and healing. Tembi’s memoir, From Scratch, was selected for Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club in May 2019 and is currently being developed for television by Netflix. The recording will be made available on demand on ISPA's YouTube channel as part of the Heart of the Matter series.

COVID-19: What's Next for Spas with Dr. Brent Bauer and Dr. Nadir Bhuiyan of the Mayo Clinic

Dr. Brent Bauer and Dr. Nadir Bhuiyan of the Mayo Clinic cover the steps spas should be taking to ensure staff safety as we enter flu season, how spas can continue to support guests’ immune health, and how they should handle masks and PPE even if case numbers start to drop.

Bryan Williams | STRONG(er) Together: Keys to Leading an Inclusive & Diverse Culture

Bryan Williams
Bryan Williams reviews the leadership tips and strategies needed to lead a culture where everyone feels included and part of a common effort.
  • Session Slides
  • Learning Topics:
    • Managing a diverse workforce
    • Understanding unconscious bias
    • Learning how to proactively and reactively manage situations in which bias occurs
    • Managing employee interactions to promote a more respectful and inclusive workplace
    • Creating a safe and inclusive space for effective meeting
    • Incorporating robust strategies to recruit and retain a diverse workforce