Why Happiness in the Workplace Matters

Thursday, 15 March 2018 Posted by International Spa Association

Why Happiness in the Workplace Matters

When you think of competitive advantages in business, you probably think of companies with great marketing or advanced CRM software. What you probably don’t think of is a happy team.

That’s right. Having happy staff members gives you and your business one of the greatest competitive edges in the workplace.   

Inspirational speaker and former ISPA Conference & Expo Education Session speaker Dawn Kaiser knows happy when she sees it (and feels it). When it comes to the workplace, not only should happiness be part of the everyday culture, it must be distributed through multiple channels.

You are affected by every little thing that happens throughout your day. As you walk into your office, are you greeted by the receptionist? Do your colleagues say ‘good morning’ to you? Do you yourself give off positive energy?

These small gestures are not small at all – they can make the difference between a horrible day or an amazing day, a big sale or no sale at all. They only seem small to negative employees who can be toxic to your workplace and detrimental to your business.

And, happy employees aren’t just fun employees to be around – they positively impact businesses in big ways.

How do they do this?

According to studies from the iOpener Institute, teams that are joyful and positive:

  • Stay with their company 4x longer
  • Commit twice as much time to their tasks
  • Have 65% more energy than unhappy and negative employees

Because employees follow their leaders’ example, it is pertinent that you strive to build a positive, joy-filled team. In Dawn’s article, Creating a Joy-Filled Team Through Positivity, she discusses five simple techniques leaders can use to create an environment that enables team members to believe in their true potential and develop great working habits through happiness.

Everything becomes easier when you’re surrounded by happy people. Adopt the five methods Dawn shares and watch your business soar.

Click here to read the full article.

Also check out Dawn’s insightful article in the March/April issue of Pulse magazine on The Happiness Factor – How Creating a Happy and Engaging Workplace Can Increase Both Employee and Customer Satisfaction

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