Using the right language to up-sell your products

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 Posted by International Spa Association

Using the right language to up-sell your products

As you settle into the New Year, it’s crucial not to forget those New Year’s resolutions you promised yourself you would stick to.

Maybe it is your goal this year to be a better team leader, or perhaps to foster collaboration among your staff more frequently. Whatever your professional New Year’s goal may be, retail sales is a category top of mind for spa managers all year long.

Instead of looking at retail as a daunting department in your company, look at selling your products as a way to encourage and strengthen your client relationships. Finding a way to connect with a customer before even thinking about selling her a shelf item is key to building trust. Only when your customers trust you will they trust to buy from you.

Joy Baldridge, motivational speaker and author, suggests using the power of five important words to up-sell spa products and services. According to Joy, these key words have been researched to be gentle ways to approach a sale without seeming pushy or disingenuous.

The five words, called the “velvet hammer words,” as the “words are soft and smooth like velvet, but they pack a punch like a hammer that get results,” are:






In her “Joy Gem” sample video, Joy uses these five words to demonstrate their effectiveness in getting increased sales.

Here’s how you can use them in a sentence: “I noticed that you have fine hair and was wondering if you would like to try something new that would work great that I would recommend, because it’s been really well received, unless you have something that you love. Would you like to give it a try?”

By using any of these five fundamental words, you will increase your chances of increased sales. Play around with them and watch how they can work for you!

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