Upcoming Webinar with Bryan Williams

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 Posted by International Spa Association

Upcoming Webinar with Bryan Williams

Dr. Bryan Williams, a noted authority on service excellence and leadership effectiveness, will be hosting a live webinar on on December 18 at 2 pm EST. 

The purpose of his workshop, titled "Sacred Ground: Exceptional Habits to Re-Hire, Re-Orient and Re-Engage Yourself at Work," is to reconnect and re-inspire all attendees with the purpose of their roles and work environment. 

This session will inspire participants to make themselves more valuable in their roles, and figure out how to reconnect to their work environment. Williams teaches us that you have the power to create the work culture you want to be in by elevating your personal impact as well as your team's effectiveness. 

Williams is a leadership and service excellence speaker, consultant and author. He has facilitated workshops and delivered keynotes worldwide for various companies in diverse industries. He is very passionate about helping companies reach high levels of service and organizational excellence, which is evident through his lively and engaging presentations. 

How Can You Enhance Your Skills?

The webinar will be broken up into 7 modules:

  • THIS is a sacred place to work
  • How should I speak and how should I behave?
  • Weeds and fruits
  • Gratitude
  • Why is it a sacred place?
  • Care for ALL stakeholders
  • My commitment

To learn more about Bryan, check out his website and blog to learn how to become more confident in yourself and your work. Your expectations of gaining value and knowledge from a professional speaker are sure to be met. 

Click here to reserve your spot for this highly anticipated webinar!

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