Upcoming Webinar Series with Tanya Chernova

Monday, 20 November 2017

Upcoming Webinar Series with Tanya Chernova

Celebrated speaker, author, mentor and business expert Tanya Chernova is a unique voice of inspiration for the spa industry. Empowering people worldwide through her guiding principles - "Know your power," "Live your purpose," "Ignite your passion" and "Fuel your profits," Chernova is educating spa professionals on driving retail sales in compelling ways never seen before.

Chernova's pragmatic approach to telling it like it is deems her a truly authentic speaker. Her passion and intelligence for the spa industry's success is effortlessly conveyed through her many longstanding partnerships, as well as her own brand.

Working with savvy business leaders seeking to sharpen their edge and reinvent their culture, Chernova has a knack for transforming companies and people within with the mindset and skill set to succeed. Possessing an honor's degree in business and psychology and a fluency in English, French and Russian, this world-class educator has traveled over 50 countries as a sought after field professional to some of the world's largest and most successful brands like L’Oréal Professionnel, Polyconcept, Cisco, Henessy, and NASA.

Offering a highly effective and useful webinar series exclusively to ISPA members, participants will learn how to increase buying desire and drive sales through an effortless, more conversational approach as opposed to countless failed attempts of traditional sales tactics. 

Encourage Your Guests to Make the First Move 

The reality: Spa guests are walking out your door and spending their retail dollars over the counter at a department store or online without a professional opinion, which is affecting spa businesses' bottom line. 

In her 4-part Webinar Series, launching January 2018, Chernova kicks off this "guests makes the first move" concept with a series of 4 short coaching videos. Participants will learn to stimulate buying desire and drive sales without putting more pressure on your team, without being salesy, and instead inspiring guests to ask questions and lead the retail conversation. 

Chernova challenges you to break the fear barrier that exists in so many businesses so that authentic conversation can occur.

With many spas and salons already using this training to increase their sales and profits, your business is sure to benefit from this amazing approach proven to instantly drive guest engagement, loyalty and sales.

Clue in on "Buying Signals"

Chernova's mission is to help your spa guests gain the most value from every visit, starting with a real and honest conversation about your retail lineup. 

She says it best here: "It's time to accept the universal reality that although your amazing service providers are passionate about education and quality service, they subconsciously fear being seen as 'sales people' and most of all, losing the trust or connection with their guests at hand." 

Don't miss out on this exclusive master class online program allowing you and your staff to reach the full potential as a passionate team and premium brand. 

Effective today, members can register for the Early Bird special deal by visiting 


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