U.S. Spa Industry Study’s “Big Five” Sets New Records

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

U.S. Spa Industry Study’s “Big Five” Sets New Records

What marks the end of summer? A change in the weather? School starting up again?

For us, it’s the release of the annual U.S. Spa Industry Study and the accompanying “Big Five” statistics.

Funded by the ISPA Foundation and carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the U.S. Spa Industry Study dives deep into the latest data on industry-wide trends, growth and performance. The Big Five stats from the 2018 Spa Industry Study were revealed at the 2018 ISPA East Coast Media Event on August 7, and are based on data from the 2017 calendar year.

For the past seven years now, the Big Five has told a story of consistent growth across five key performance indicators: total revenue, spa visits, spa locations, employee count and revenue per visit. The 2018 Study tells an even more incredible story: and eighth consecutive year of growth and record highs in all five stats.

The spa industry is growing fast, something which is no surprise given the growing public interest in wellness in the digital age.

In 2017:

  • Total revenue surpassed $17.5 billion, representing a 3 percent increase over 2016.
  • Spa visits increased to 187 billion, a 1.6 percent increase over 2016.
  • Spa locations climbed to 21,770 in 2017, compared to 21,260 in 2016.
  • Total employee count increased to 372,100 in 2018, a 1.9% increase over 2016.
  • Spa revenue per visit leapt up by 2.7 percent, from $91.30 in 2016 to $93.70 in 2017.

The complete 2018 U.S. Spa Industry Study will be released at the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo, where Colin McIlheney, global research director of PwC, will be on hand to talk about the study’s findings.

Complete access to the U.S. Spa Industry Study is one of numerous benefits available to ISPA members. The data and insights provided by the research are invaluable weapons in helping spas and resource partners understand how the spa industry transforms and evolves year-in and year-out.

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