The Secret to Retail Potential in Spa: Presented at 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo

Friday, 18 August 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

The Secret to Retail Potential in Spa: Presented at 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo

The ISPA Conference & Expo provides multiple opportunities to experience high-level education from respected business professionals and spa industry leaders. This inspiring experience has been thoughtfully developed to ensure attendees receive the most relevant and innovative education, year after year.

Professional Development Sessions, daily presentations dedicated to making you and your business successful, are a large part of the ISPA Conference & Expo. These sessions are uniquely selected by a dedicated group of ISPA members who serve on the Speaker Selection Task Force, warranting next-level leadership in every business facet.

Retail sales experts Linda Harding-Bond, Jacent Mpalyenkana, Tanya Chernova and Anna Moine will show attendees at the conference this year how adjusting their retail strategies can transform their businesses and increase profit.

Retail Sales Speakers Teach Spa Professionals the Retail Ropes

Operating from the premise that “everyone deserves a great spa experience,” spa consultant, trainer and creator of “Increasing Your Retail Selling, An Online Training Class for Spa Managers,” Linda Harding-Bond created the first program in the world that caters specifically to the learning style of introverts (the most common personality type found among spa teams).

In her upcoming session, “Introverts: The Secret of Increasing Retail Sales,” Harding-Bond will give spa operators the tools for converting their introverted therapists into successful salespeople.

Massage therapist, personal coach, and published author of four books Jacent Mpalyenkana will share with attendees a structured process for selling one’s ideas through persuasive communication.  

In her captivating session, “Using the Art of Persuasion to Connect to More Customers,” Mpalyenkana will show attendees how to identify their ideal customer in uncovering the five most powerful persuasion tools to win any business.

Powerful speaker Tanya Chernova cracks the success code in running effective spa promotions and driving sales. Attendees will gain key takeaways of developing a renewed confidence to drive sales and take control of your business in the enthusiasm of witnessing their teams using selling tactics that work.

Chernova has been a leading influence in spa since beginning her career at the age of 14, where she became the youngest government licensed aesthetician in Canada. Her session, “Complete Guide to Creating Profitable 12 Month Spa Promotions,” will take spa professionals’ customer engagement to new heights.

Final retail speaker of PDS, owner of ALM consult and founder and designer of feminine jewelry line Aimbiioux, Anna Moine will be presenting on incorporating design and display into retail areas. During Moine’s session, “The Art of Retail: Merchandising and Display Tools to Create an Engaging Retail Environment,” attendees will learn the rights and wrongs of retail, from basic to advanced merchandising, while understanding purchasing guidelines and selling techniques.

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