The 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Skill Sharpener

Tuesday, 29 September 2015 Posted by International SPA Association

We hope you’ve been busily preparing your schedule and that you’re ready to get the most out of Conference. This is the third installment of our 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions digest:  Skill Sharpener.

Never stop learning. No matter how long you’ve been involved in the spa industry, in any industry, you can always learn something new that will improve your management skills and your customers’ experience. As Thomas Edison once said, “life itself is an institute of learning”. 

Our Skills Sharpener sessions will teach, surprise and inform anyone who has an interest in improving their business – which we assume is everyone! Whether you are a seasoned pro looking to expand business revenue or a starter looking to broaden your knowledge of best practices, there is something in this series for everyone.

Skill Sharpener:

  • Growth is Optional – It Is Up to You! Dive into a six-step approach to realizing your full potential with spa industry leader Jean Kolb. Assess your currently reality and develop action steps to implement immediately to make a changeMonday, October 19, 8  9 am
  • Spas and Technology: There’s an App for That – The change of pace in technology, communications and customer interaction can be intimidating. Let Dr. Pamela Peeke guide you through the latest development in the health and wellness world and help you to decide what spa tech concepts can elevate your business. Tuesday, October 20, 8 – 9 am
  • Get it Done! From Vision to Action in Three Steps – Project planning is a crucial business skill – having the vision is one thing, putting it into practice is another. Kristine Huffman will give you the skills you need to effectively plan and execute everything from a minor procedural change to a complete business overhaul. Tuesday, October 20, 2:30 – 4 pm
  • Social Media Productivity Tools: The Cure for Social Media Overload – Effective social media is easy, right? Not so fast! Social media platforms give businesses great opportunities and a host of new problems. Let web marketing expert Heather Lutze guide you through the social media maze, how to do it right and get the most from your social media opportunities. Wednesday, October 21, 8 – 9 am
  • The Wellness Solution: Keys for Successful Wellness Programs, Services and Products Within the Spa – Choosing the right products and treatments can make or break a wellness program. Dr. Trevor Cates has 15 years of experience in developing successful wellness programs and will leave attendees equipped to make decisions that are right for their business and their customers. Wednesday, October 21, 4:15 – 5:30 pm

More detail on each session can be found on the Conference website at Check back for the low-down on What’s Trending.

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