Success Stories: Partnering for the Future

Monday, 01 May 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

Success Stories: Partnering for the Future

Leaders are not born; they are made. As an industry, we must work together to find the leaders among us and build them up to their full potential. There is no greater success story than taking the knowledge gained through experience and imparting it on the next generation of spa leaders.

When Katlyn Hatcher, director of spa and wellness at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa in Farmington, Pennsylvania, was promoted to her current leadership position, she knew that outside help would be invaluable in her success as a new leader.

“Never having held a director position, I knew there were key areas I lacked experience,” notes Hatcher. “I felt confident in my ability to lead our team but needed to grow my knowledge of the industry outside our operation to make the changes needed to reach our full potential. I was also pregnant, due to deliver right before high season. With my impending maternity leave approaching, it was clear we would need to bring someone in to help lead our spa.”


Bringing in an Expert

Chris Bird, director of operations at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa, recommended bringing in Jean Kolb, executive coach and owner of Well By Choice, to help coach Hatcher on industry leadership as well as serve as interim spa director in her absence.

 “The energy of a fresh approach helped us elevate our service,” says Bird. “The treatment room presentation was enhanced. All the spa leaders evolved their approach to service as well as leadership. Accountability throughout the spa was increased. Katlyn truly became a leader. She is now empowered and operates with the intention of 100 percent ownership of her business.”

Bringing in an expert like Kolb can bring a fresh perspective to even the most successful of spas. Case in point, Nemacolin already had some great management structures and best practices in place, but having the foresight to bring in a seasoned industry expert allowed fresh eyes to examine their vision and implement changes with a fast turnaround. According to Kolb, she was able to set a new vision, develop a long-term action plan, and work with the leadership team to implement the majority of their objectives within a six-month period.

Curious what objectives Kolb implemented and accomplished with the team at Nemacolin? Head to to read the full story.


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