Phoenix Convention Center: Your Eco-Friendly Host

Monday, 06 August 2018 Posted by International Spa Association

Phoenix Convention Center: Your Eco-Friendly Host

The spa industry’s pursuit of health and wellness extends beyond that of just physical and mental. Though these may be paramount, environmental wellness is also a priority of the industry as it is within the environment that our bodies and minds are to thrive. Among ISPA’s many spa professionals and resource partners are passionate individuals committed to making the earth a more sustainable place to pursue life and growth.

The Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) is dedicated to this same pursuit and among the most cutting-edge of its kind. From the construction to the catered dishware, every detail has been fine-tuned to reduce PCC’s ecological footprint. It is a beacon of environmentally-friendly innovation and a trend-setter for ecological improvement.

PCC’s practical and eco-friendly applications coincide directly with the spa industry’s longstanding environmental stewardship efforts. The mutual endeavors to champion health and wellness make for a brilliant combination as PCC hosts the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo for the first time. We are thrilled to explore Phoenix and interact with PCC’s sustainability efforts.

ISPA would like to highlight a few of PCC’s many eco-friendly initiatives and continue to build enthusiasm for this year’s event. To learn more about the event, visit and consider joining us in September!


LEED Certification

Environmentally-friendly construction of the highest degree is featured in PCC’s LEED-Silver Certified West Building. LEED Certification was born to preserve, recycle and eliminate any unnecessary waste of natural resources from construction. For a building to obtain a certification, the construction must use recycled material, re-use existing material whenever possible and only implement the use of natural resources that have been obtained in ways that do not harm any ecological balances. Green, low-emitting products are also prioritized over comparable products, encouraging construction companies to take every precaution necessary to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction process.

Sunlight and Seatbelts

Sunlight is in abundance in the Arizona desert, and Phoenix is never short of sunny days. To further reduce the amount of CO2 emissions, the West Building takes advantage of the sun’s rays by having its own solar power plant, converting sunlight into enough electricity to power 12-14 houses a year. Unfortunately, being in the desert also presents Phoenix with the issue of water availability and conservation. To meet this challenge head-on, PCC has installed efficient irrigation systems along with low-flow fixtures to reduce excess water usage. PCC accommodates guests in environmentally-conscious efforts without them even knowing it – the Convention Center chairs are made from recycled and repurposed car batteries and seatbelts!

Time for Lunch!

Once it’s time for guests to eat, they’re given another opportunity to participate in PCC’s conservation efforts. A large portion of the waste material and harmful emissions expelled from convention centers comes from food, and PCC’s catering partner is determined to be an exception. Using local and fresh ingredients in their cuisine, Aventura Catering actively participates in the Waste Not recycling program. This program sends leftovers to food banks, which cuts down on the amount of food thrown out day after day and reduces CO2 emissions. Guests are also given reusable China and silverware, 85% of which is biodegradable, to enjoy their locally-sourced catered meals.

Every Step of the Way

Finally, Phoenix’s METRO Light Rail helps reduce the city’s carbon footprint by running from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to multiple stops around the city – one of which is dedicated to PCC! This transportation option allows convention attendees to take part in an environmentally-friendly initiative every step of the way as they arrive, commute and participate in their event.

Shaping the Future

PCC knows that a healthier Phoenix leads to a healthier (and more attractive) Convention Center -- one does not prosper without the other. This lesson leaves us with an encouraging realization that shaping the future of our respective communities’ environments will also shape the future of our industry.

What do you want your future to look like?

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