Mick Ebeling: Not Impossible

Friday, 22 March 2019 Posted by International Spa Association

Mick Ebeling: Not Impossible

In a world of production gurus and design experts, he was firing on all cylinders.

He founded his own production company, created award-winning commercials and worked on one of the most recent films featuring the world’s favorite Aston Martin-driving MI6 British Secret Service agent. Despite his impressive success, he felt a pull to do something greater: Change the world.

His name’s Ebeling… Mick Ebeling.

Mick wasted no time deciding what tools he was going to use to change the world. It was his bread and butter, Technology and Story. More specifically, he founded Not Impossible Labs in 2008 to explore “technology for the sake of humanity” and find ways to “throw the life preserver just further than how far we could swim.” In other words, making the “impossible” possible!

Not Impossible Labs’ goal is not to inspire, but to remind people that they are already capable of world-changing things—they just have to take the jump and determine to change one person’s life for the better. Mick is a firm believer in “committing first, and then figuring out how you’re going to pull it off.”

This “beautiful, limitless naivety” realizes that innovation can come from anywhere, without a concrete plan going in. As Mick says, “There’s no blueprint to change the world. Just commit to changing it and then figure out how to make it happen for one person.”

This unconventional approach brought highly acclaimed initiatives to life, including the EyeWriter, Project Daniel, Don’s Voices and (most recently) Music Not Impossible. Through these inventions, Ebeling and his team have given a paraplegic street artist the ability to draw again, printed 3D arms for Sudanese amputees and given a ‘voice’ to an ALS patient who hadn’t spoken in 15 years.

ISPA is thrilled to welcome Mick to the General Session stage as the final #ISPA2019 keynote speaker in Las Vegas. Mick will also be receiving the ISPA Alex Szekely Humanitarian Award for his creation of Not Impossible Labs. Learn more about the other #ISPA2019 keynote speakers here.


Launched in November 2002, The Ebeling Group (TEG) is a production company representing design collectives MK12, Nakd, Lobo, Bitstate, Tennant, Convert, XYZ and live-action director Caskey. These design entities have completed design-driven shorts, commercials and music videos for clients including Diesel, MTV, Nike, UBI Jeans, Squarepusher, The Faint, Ford, Levi Strauss and TNT.

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