Member Onboarding: Setting Up Your Profile

Friday, 25 January 2019 Posted by International Spa Association

Member Onboarding: Setting Up Your Profile

If you’re a brand new ISPA member, you’re likely excited to explore everything offered with your membership. Setting up your member profile is a great place to start and connects you to an expansive network of professionals in the industry.

The Directory lists out the Spa, Resource Partner and overall ISPA Member directories. Members find this capability to be particularly useful, as you can use the filters and search bar to easily find that spa property or resource partner you’ve been dying to contact.

Refer to the steps below to set up your member profile and stay tuned for more Member Onboarding posts when you’re done!



  1. Go to experienceISPA.com and log in to see your profile page.
  2. Complete the contact information fields to establish what shows up in your directory landing. This will include your position title, work email, LinkedIn account and social media handles.
  3. Add your billing information under “Payment Methods” and important addresses under “Address Book” on the left tab of your profile page.
  4. Under “Make a Payment” you will see your invoice list. Bills for all ISPA purchases, including sponsorships, Conference attendance fees, advertisements and more will populate on your invoice list. You can print invoices and pay them as they are due. Select multiple and pay all at once or pay them individually just like you would in any online checkout store.
  5. Under “My Transactions” you’ll see all receipts and records of paid invoices. This is a valuable history of your transactions with ISPA.
  6. Under “Manage My Account” you can view the number of days remaining on your membership, as well as easily renew your membership by hovering over your membership status. Click “manage” to view auxiliary members. Activated members will show green check marks, while grey check marks are auxiliary members who were added but never activated. Only the primary member is able to manage the account.
  7. Under “My Groups” you’ll see any ISPA groups you’re a part of. These include the ISPA Member Forum (open to all members) and other forums specific to ISPA’s various task forces and groups.
  8. “Badges” will be a running list of notable accomplishments and benchmarks of your membership.
  9. A quick and easy “Reset Password” option is also available for use at any time.

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