Master Millennial Marketing and Engagement at #ISPA2017

Friday, 28 July 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

Master Millennial Marketing and Engagement at #ISPA2017

The ISPA Conference & Expo provides multiple opportunities to experience high-level education from respected business professionals and spa industry leaders. This inspiring experience has been thoughtfully developed to ensure attendees receive the most relevant and innovative education, year after year.

Professional Development Sessions, daily presentations dedicated to making you and your business successful, are a large part of the ISPA Conference & Expo. These sessions are uniquely selected by a dedicated group of ISPA members who serve on the Speaker Selection Task Force, warranting next-level leadership in every business facet.

A Millennial Approach to Marketing

Anyone can become a generational genius in today’s economic culture, but when it comes to millennials, the bar is set much higher for company branding expectations. Millennials are pivotal to successful marketing strategies, and at the same time, they present a new set of challenges for your company’s survival. So, how do you market your brand to the digital savvy in order to achieve a productive organization?

Sharing expertise on what makes millennials tick, influential and leadership PDS speakers Jim Mathis and Mike Ganino dive into the nitty gritty of tailoring your brand to Gen Y and Z to boost creativity and increase profit.

Understand the Millennial Mindset with Mathis & Ganino

Known as the “Reinvention Pro,” Mathis has been leading conferences and consulting for 40 years helping business leaders thrive in our changing economy. In his speaking session, “Generational Genius: How to Effectively Reach Millennials,” he educates his audience on which environments and circumstances millennials are most productive.

Attendees will discover how to better market to millennials by learning this instrumental group’s language. In addition, attendees will understand why you should hire millennials with their strengths in mind and come away with strategies to really understand the millennial mindset.

“Culture Geek” Mike Ganino is a smart, savvy speaker that shows companies exactly how to create a workplace that is fun and functional. In his session, “Millennial Myths: Leading in a Social Age,” attendees will learn how to create strong engagement and compelling relationships with employees.

As millennials are estimated to make up more than 75 percent of the workforce in the next three years, spa professionals will not want to miss this presentation, as they will uncover how to reduce turnover of high performing employees as well as learn how to grow the next generation of millennial leaders.

Visit attendispa.com to register for the 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo to learn more about these engaging speakers.  

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