Marketing and Brand Identity at 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

Marketing and Brand Identity at 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo

The ISPA Conference & Expo provides multiple opportunities to experience high-level education from respected business professionals and spa industry leaders. This inspiring experience has been thoughtfully developed to ensure attendees receive the most relevant and innovative education, year after year.

Professional Development Sessions, daily presentations dedicated to making you and your business successful, are a large part of the ISPA Conference & Expo. These sessions are uniquely selected by a dedicated group of ISPA members who serve on the Speaker Selection Task Force, warranting next-level leadership in every business facet.

With marketing trends changing and evolving all the time, it is crucial to stay on top of your marketing management. This year, ISPA has chosen the following six influential speakers on marketing in spa, with the aim of attendees gaining key takeaways that will dramatically increase sales.

Marketing Mavens Share their Secrets

Erin Gargan, award-winning social media marketer and motivational speaker, teaches spa professionals how to sell smarter using the power of digital persuasion.

In her anticipated presentation, “Digital Persuasion: Secrets to Creating Shareable Content,” attendees will hear firsthand how clients find value in your brand’s messaging, discovering how to use inexpensive apps, tools and shortcuts to create high-end content that gets shared.

Gargan will share her tested, proven methods for tapping into the psychological science of human sharing behaviors to tangibly grow social marketing results to keep your business credible and moving forward.

Mental health professional Heather Lee will be discussing spa service marketing strategies as it relates to a “Longevity Lifestyle.” She helps individuals reclaim their energy and live vibrantly upon rediscovering their strength and confidence.

Lee’s session will increase attendees’ knowledge of mind/body activities and medicine. Spa professionals will gain the ability to connect mind/body medicine research directly to their spa treatments, as well as understand key marketing strategies.

Kathy Klotz-Guest will present “Four Ways to Break Content Rules and Win,” inspired by successful examples of fun, creative content from health and wellness technology companies. By using ultra creative exercises that come from improvisation, participants will generate their own fresh, fun mash-up content ideas combining wellness and tech.

As a storytelling strategist, author and comedian, Klotz-Guest will teach her audience how to think of content differently.

Global Director of Well-Being for Raffles, Fairmont and MGallery at AccorHotels Lindsay Madden-Nadeau will present her extensive knowledge on successful branding across the industry. Through her presentation, “Developing Your Spa’s Brand Vision & Identity,” attendees will learn how to strengthen their spa’s brand identity regardless of the spa’s size and ownership. Madden-Nadeau teaches spa professionals how to define brand essentials and make them work. Attendees will understand how individual actions affect brand identity and learn how to use branding to grow your spa business.

Carol Stratford and Sharon Rapoport will teach attendees how to find the answers on growing your best brand in today’s challenging and overwhelming marketing environment. In their hands-on session, “Question MARK-eting: Asking the Questions that Lead to Real Results,” Stratford and Rapoport will show attendees how to strategize for solid growth by simply asking the right questions.

Coming from hospitality and wellness industries, the duo has a keen eye for what is most needed in a brand in identifying what you are doing wrong in your current branding and getting you to complete the first step in building your brand and platform organically. Attendees will learn the exact questions you should be asking about your brand to foster meaningful results.

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