#ISPA2018 at Your Fingertips

Thursday, 23 August 2018 Posted by International Spa Association

#ISPA2018 at Your Fingertips

The entire 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo will be at your fingertips with the ISPA Conference mobile app. Downloading the app onto your iPhone or Android will provide you with hand-held assistance as you network with attendees, exhibitors, and speakers.


Stay Up to Date

Be sure to enable notifications on your device so you can stay up to speed on what’s happening at #ISPA2018. These notifications will give you a head’s-up a few minutes before sessions begin and keep you aware of any last-minute reminders from the Conference staff.

Set Your Own Agenda

Before you begin your first day at Conference, go through the daily Agenda and read each Education Session description. The sessions will be under the Schedule on the “Agenda” tile. Perhaps you’re looking forward to a specific speaker or hoping to learn more about a certain subject. You will be able to find and save sessions that you're interested in onto a sidebar tab entitled “My Schedule.” Using this tool, you can set your own schedule and come into Conference with a plan of attack. “My Schedule” will be your best tool for efficient success going in.

CONNECT with Ease

Once you log in, you will have access to a list of every attendee at Conference. When you connect with other attendees onsite and want to follow up, let the app work for you! All you have to do is remember their name – you can then look them up on the attendee list and request their contact information, follow up with a message, and make a note or two on their profile for the benefit of your own memory. After meeting a few different people and saving them on your Conference app, you can go to your personal sidebar and retrieve every contact you’ve saved under “My Contacts”, as well as check “My Notes” to recall that note you made earlier.

Find Anything in No Time

The mobile app allows you to save bookmarks wherever you need to. You’re able to bookmark sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and sessions. Don’t be afraid to parous the lists and save any that stand out to you – you’ll be able to find them later and keep up with them throughout Conference. Another valuable tool for those who need a quick look-up is the “Search” capability on the Event Guide. Can’t remember where that one special session or information page was? Type in keywords in the Search bar and you’ll be given a few potential resolutions to what you needed to find.

Bid from the Palm of Your Hand

Also on the Event Guide is an Auction tile that links to the online bidding site. This will allow you to bid easily and at your leisure for the Silent Auction, available all-day Monday and Tuesday. Some exciting products and trips will be available, so keep your eyes peeled to make sure you don’t get out-bid!


These are just a few of the many exciting and helpful tools offered by the Conference mobile app. If you've registered, keep an eye on your inbox for an email that will be coming soon, providing you with instructions to log in and create your profile. Access to the full list of attendees will be granted upon logging in.

We are a month away!

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