ISPA Members Named Forbes Travel Guide Brand Officials

Wednesday, 06 March 2019

ISPA Members Named Forbes Travel Guide Brand Officials

Forbes Travel Guide represents the gold standard in independent ratings of hotels and spas worldwide; in 2019, it awarded a Five-Star rating to 63 spas, of which 26 were ISPA member spas.

However, Forbes Travel Guide also goes beyond just celebrating the world's most outstanding spas by also recognizing the vendors and services that are part of what makes such excellence in spa possible. Brand Officials are selected by Forbes Travel Guide to represent the absolute best products and services across a range of categories encompassing everything from AV services to manicures and pedicures.

By consistently delivering exceptional products to the spa industry, these four ISPA members were named Brand Officials for 2019. Congratulations!


Official Luxury Travel Clothing Brand of Forbes Travel Guide

Kate Boyer, CEO


Dazzle Dry
Official Manicure & Pedicure Provider of Forbes Travel Guide

Dr. Vivian Valenty, President


Gharieni USA Inc.
Official Spa & Wellness Equipment Manufacturer of Forbes Travel Guide

Sammy Gharieni, CEO


Natura Bisse International
Official Skincare Brand of Forbes Travel Guide
Gerardo Gomez, CEO - USA

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