ISPA Media Event: The One-Stop Luxury Spa Experience for the Media Industry

Monday, 25 July 2016 Posted by International SPA Association

ResortSuite returns to the 2016 ISPA East Coast Media event as its official online spa appointment booking software provider! Since 2013, ResortSuite has provided spa booking software for both the West Coast and East Coast Media Events, allowing journalists to pre-book mini treatments at participating spa booths. Journalists receive email confirmations of their booked appointments and also receive a printed itinerary for convenience in their personalized event booklet.

Why ResortSuite keeps coming back

ISPA is one of the largest and most prestigious spa associations in the world with a mission of providing invaluable education and networking opportunities within the spa industry. ResortSuite believes in the vision of ISPA to enhance the well-being of the industry through bringing media attention to its various successes each year. ResortSuite is proud to continue to sponsor and partner with the ISPA Media Events.

Online appointment booking for media professionals

ResortSuite’s online booking engine ensures that the attending journalists receive a first-class personalized spa experience. The ease of having pre-scheduled treatments means that journalists are guaranteed services and are able to focus on speaking with spa professionals rather than waiting in line-ups at popular spa booths. With the event’s high volume of attendees, pre-booking appointments ensures a smooth flow of traffic as journalists tour the various spas and providers.

So how does this really work?

Invited members of the media are sent a link in advance of the event to book spa mini-treatment appointment times at various sponsoring spa providers. Attendees are then emailed a full itinerary of their treatments at the event. No more line-ups, no more wait-listing. And best of all, no double-booking!

Service providers at sponsoring spas receive a full schedule of media personnel, and their media outlets, in advance so they know exactly who will be coming for mini-treatments at their booths. This also gives participating spas the time to personalize every journalist’s experience at their booth.

The relaxing and social atmosphere of the ISPA Media Event is palpable. What better way to give media the opportunity to write about the spa industry then to have them experience a spa day right from online booking to the spa experience.

For more information, send us an email at info@resortsuite.com.


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