How ISPA Gives Back

Friday, 19 April 2019

How ISPA Gives Back

Giving back is a common practice for many ISPA members. The wellness community knows what it means to receive as you give, which has woven philanthropic efforts into the fabric of this industry. This month’s issue of Pulse goes into detail on the various ways that spas and products give back. In this post, we take a look at numerous member testimonies from our February Snapshot Survey to see how ISPA gives back.


Member Testimonies

“We offer several retail lines that give back to nonprofit organizations to support many things such as animal shelters, missions in Africa against trafficking women and children, breast cancer research, planting trees and more. We also participate in a local school program to give experience for children in a work program for special needs. We also volunteer our time with our hotel in local food banks and collection drives for our community.”


“We regularly send all of our slightly worn towels and blankets to the local animal shelters. And, when we ‘close out’ any retail product line, we donate any products on hand to the Women's Lunch Place, an organization that provides food, clothing, counseling and personal toiletries to women in need.”


“Our resort has a volunteer committee that helps connect our team members with local charities that need volunteers. It is everything from our local soup kitchen to larger nationally recognized charities, like Ronald McDonald House. We also have several employees that serve as board members or volunteers through various local charities.”


“We closed the spa and hosted a local group of 65 ladies who are battling breast cancer or have recently beaten breast cancer. We provide services, food and gifts though our retail partners.”


“We host a concert and a Poetry Event.”


Nelson Foundation raises millions of dollars every year for so many things from Boys and Girls Clubs to building schools and giving back in the community.”


“One of our very best partnerships is with the local Women's Services Center and the YMCA. They work in tandem for families. We held a swim-a-thon started by a group of elder swimmers who wanted to share their success in swim class. We raised over $15,000 with all families participating. It was incredible exposure for us and has gone a long way in the community. We have gained members through this cause and have a plaque in the YMCA identifying our participation.”


“Our partnership with WeForest has been by far the most valuable because it helps not only the women living in the Khasi Hills but as an effort to stop global warming to benefit all humanity. This initiative is personally and brand-wise rewarding as our fans view it as an example of how our brand cares for their personal wellness and the health of the environment.”


“We have a partnership with TEDx wherein we donate spa packages to all their speakers and volunteer staff. This not only gives to a local chapter of a great organization, but we get to have great new clients in the spa who need some rest and relaxation.”


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