ISPA Foundation Unveils NEW Research

Thursday, 19 April 2018

ISPA Foundation Unveils NEW Research

The inaugural ISPA Spa Workforce Study, the research-driven study aimed at analyzing the recruitment, retention and engagement of spa industry professionals, is now available for review.

More than 1,200 spa industry professionals participated in the study conducted by PwC on behalf of the ISPA Foundation. ISPA extends a huge thank you to AccorHotels and ResortSuite for sponsoring the research along with the hundreds of individuals and organizations who choose to support the ISPA Foundation each year in various ways.

Some overarching themes throughout the study included a positive culture/working environment was reported important to all roles, the majority of both management and service providers would like a long-term career in the spa industry and opportunities to enhance and elevate training opportunities for management.

Some interesting statistics found in the study:

  • 78% of service provider respondents expect to be working in their current organization 12 months from now
  • 64% of spa managers without a service provider license are attracted to the nature of the work over pay/salary opportunities (32%), career opportunities (49%), positive management style/approach (35%), and reputation of organizations in the industry (37%)
  • 97% of service providers are passionate about providing exceptional client service

From a Management Standpoint

While the training and education of high quality staff is management’s biggest issue for the future, the change management would most like to see in coming years is greater opportunities to progress to management roles internally.

Aside from the nature of the work, which was the highest-ranking aspect for attracting managers to the industry, career development opportunities were a key factor in attracting management respondents to the industry, particularly for those that don’t hold a service provider license.

Overall, the majority of management respondents were positive, with 78% satisfied with their current organizations calling it “a great place to work,” and 86% claiming they feel part of a team while at work.

From a Service Provider Standpoint

Service providers see client and employee retention as a big challenge for the future. Overall, they are passionate about providing exceptional client service and the majority would like a long-term career in the industry.

Compared to their management colleagues, service providers are less motivated by career opportunities (22% vs 45%) and the reputation of the industry (19% vs 30%). Effective management (38%) and good morale among colleagues (37%) are noticeably important to service providers.

One area of differing opinions between the two audiences involved retails sales responsibilities.  Forty-six percent of service providers do not believe they should have a responsibility to upsell retail products as part of their role. In contrast, 90% of management believes service providers should have this responsibility.

What Spa Professionals Can Take Away

What we do with this information is the determining factor of the future. The way the spa industry will evolve is dependent on all of us, as industry leaders and influencers for both new and veteran spa professionals.  ISPA, in partnership with PwC, will explore this study and various topics relating to the research at the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo. 

All ISPA members receive complimentary access to the full study and can visit the research library at experienceispa.com and login to download the report.  Interesting in joining ISPA? Please contact allison.martin@ispastaff.com to learn more.

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