How #ISPA2019 is going green at The Venetian

Friday, 06 September 2019

How #ISPA2019 is going green at The Venetian

As we gather at The Venetian for the 2019 ISPA Conference & Expo, we’ll be doing so at a resort that meets international standards of sustainable design, construction and operations. The Venetian has been ahead of the curve in this regard for years and is one of the largest green hotels on the planet.

With a focus on waste recycling, energy and water conservation, and using sustainable products and materials, The Venetian provides a green experience to help minimize our carbon footprint. Its sustainable practices are already integrated into its daily operations, which will add value to our event at no additional cost. Everything from the food we consume to the business materials we utilize are environmentally friendly.

The Venetian is a LEED Certified Hotel, which is based on being a sustainable site, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in operations and regional bonus points.

Here are some specifics regarding how The Venetian goes green:

  • Every room utilizes the latest energy-efficient LED lighting, which saved more than 57 million-watt hours of electricity from 2010-16 (enough to power more than 4,800 homes!).
  • It has energy-efficient minibars and LED televisions.
  • It uses sustainable-certified chemicals for cleaning, sustainable-certified carpet and building materials and sustainable-certified products for amenities and toilet paper. It also practices sustainable housekeeping practices (like turning off thermostats, closing drapes, etc.) to conserve energy and water and recycle waste.
  • The Venetian uses a nano-filtration water technology which allows it to conserve 22 million gallons of water each year, which is the equivalent of 33 Olympic-size swimming pools. 46 million gallons of water are saved each year through innovative cooling tower technology.
  • The Venetian partners with Chefs to End Hunger, which is a regional non-profit organization that distributes leftover meals to local charities. In 2017, this program donated more than 17,500 meals.
  • The Venetian reclaims more than 30 million pounds of material through their recycling program, which is the equivalent of forty 747 planes of waste that is diverted from landfills.
  • The Honest Food Program that the Venetian participates in uses fresh and sustainable ingredients, allowing it to prepare all of its menus from scratch and avoid using frozen, canned and processed foods.
  • All of our needs will be under one roof, as the meeting and convention space is just a five-minute walk from the hotel area.
  • Meeting settings include central placement of notepads with 100 percent recycled content, pens, candies, water stations and compostable cups, with recycling bins in meeting rooms.
  • Sands Corporation, which owns The Venetian, has received awards like Green Leaders Award by Las Vegas Business Press, Best Recycling Program by Las Vegas Business Week and Water Hero Award by Southern Nevada Water Authority. It also has a sustainable event certification from APEX/ASTM, meaning it meets industry standards of being a green event, and it received the TripAdvisor Green Leader Gold Award.

2019 ISPA Conference & Expo attendees will be able to rest easy knowing that while they are networking and learning more about the spa industry together, they will be doing so in an eco-friendly fashion!

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