Global Wellness Day is Almost Here!

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

Global Wellness Day is Almost Here!

This Saturday is all about you. Well, sort of.

June 9 is Global Wellness Day, a worldwide celebration of holistic mind and body wellness. And because the desire to be healthier, feel better and achieve physical and mental balance is the raison d’être of the entire spa industry, it’s a day to celebrate spa culture, too.

Global Wellness Day was first celebrated in 2012 and established by Belgin Aksoy Berkin, owner of Turkey’s Richmond Nua Wellness Spa.

“I asked myself the following question: ‘Health is one of the most important issues of our lives,” said Aksoy in an interview with LA Yoga magazine, “‘so why do we still not have a special day dedicated to living well?’” Aksoy got to work organizing the event, which was initially celebrated in Turkey. Now, Global Wellness Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries and at 5000 different locations.

At its core, Global Wellness Day is a day to recognize the value of each human life, to self-reflect, to be at peace, and to raise awareness about physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. It also highlights that wellness is a human right that should not be viewed as a luxury nor as something only accessible to the wealthy.

This year’s Day will focus on childhood wellness in particular. According to Global Wellness Day’s website, more than 41 million children under five-years-old worldwide are overweight, and childhood obesity rates exceed 10% in all countries except Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Spas around the world can participate in Global Wellness Day by sharing information about it on social media, hosting free events dedicated to wellness, or by contacting Global Wellness Day Ambassadors about hosting events. Many ISPA members — from hotel chains to local spas and resource partners — have already stepped up as event hosts and Ambassadors.

You can learn more about Global Wellness Day at globalwellnessday.org

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