Conversations with Joanna Garzilli

Thursday, 04 May 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

Conversations with Joanna Garzilli

Creating success for yourself can be difficult at times. The outside noise can sometimes be louder than our own thoughts and intentions.

Joanna Garzilli, intuition coach and author of Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success, helps her clients overcome the outside noise and inner demons to allow themselves to achieve their version of success.

“Since I was six years old, I have been fascinated by the meaning of life,” remembers Garzilli. “I’d often ask my parents, what happens when you die? Are there Chinese restaurants in heaven? How can I take people’s pain away? In my 20s, I traveled the world and met spiritual leaders, healers and teachers from indigenous cultures including: Native American, Peruvian, Maori and more. I learned they were all teaching the same thing in a variation of forms.”

Garzilli took what she learned and turn it into a curriculum to help business leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities find success. In this month’s Conversations, Pulse asks about her spiritual rules for success and how easy it is to apply to your life.

Pulse: Where did the 11 rules come from? Why 11?

G: I saw a need for practical, easy-to-follow spiritual ideas and tools that would help my clients get on track so when they got stuck, they’d have specific action steps they could implement to breakthrough. The more clients I worked with, the more of a pattern I saw. They had different life stories and challenges, but there were commonalities.

P: Your first rule in the book is “align with Spirit.” Can Spirit be different to different people? Explain.

G: Spirit will appear in the form that resonates for an individual. One way to think of “Spirit” is as an intangible and invisible energy that is everywhere. It has the ability to create people, environments, inventions and solutions seemingly from nothing. In Big Miracles, I lead with the idea that you are first and foremost a spiritual being: a mind and body animated by Spirit. When you understand that you are Spirit and Spirit is you, life becomes very exciting because you can see the opportunities available to you.

P: Your book includes several journaling and meditation exercises. How do these help readers on their journey?

G: A key to creating a big miracle breakthrough is cultivating awareness. The journaling and meditation exercises quickly help you become aware of subtle patterns that can create havoc in your relationships when they go unrecognized. The act of writing, whether it be by hand onto a page or fingers on your keyboard assists you in accepting responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. Anyone struggling with weight issues or low energy levels will benefit from using miracle journaling because the exercises address the root of the problem. If you feel at an impasse in a relationship, the meditation exercises will increase your compassion so you can decide whether to move on or recommit with a truly open heart.


Read more of our conversation with Garzilli at Plus, download Garzilli’s 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success. 

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