Continuing Education at #ISPA2018

Thursday, 16 August 2018 Posted by International Spa Association

Continuing Education at #ISPA2018

For the first time ever, the ISPA Conference & Expo is featuring four Education Sessions that offer Massage Therapy Continuing Education (CE) hours. Continuing Education is required for industry workers in the license or certification renewal process to keep them up to date on the latest practices and research, allowing them to be more enticing to employers and clients.

Attendees will learn effective communication and zero-tolerance strategies in the workplace, as well as how to manage every step of the hiring process. Exploring these tried-and-true practices will help attendees be stronger and more valuable team members as they thrive in the professional spa industry.


  1. In “Conscious Communication: Adding Value to Individual and Team Relationships with Effective Appreciations,” Heath and Nicole Reed will highlight the importance of appreciating team members and their work. This session will teach you how to re-wire your thinking in the pursuit of unity and harmony throughout your team.
  2. Heath and Nicole follow up with another session entitled “Conscious Communication: Eliminating Drama and Inspiring Collaboration” to give practical tips on eradicating drama from your team. Foster a collaborative spirit with the language you use in the team environment.
  3. Zero Tolerance: How to Protect Employees, Guests and Your Company from Sexual Harassment in the Treatment Room” will feature tangible examples and documents you can use to create an atmosphere of zero-tolerance in your workplace. Eric Stephenson and Jean Kolb will provide you with tone-setting words and policies to incorporate and reinforce guidelines for ethical standards and communication. Learn how to handle inappropriate touch and conduct, and how to respond to such issues that could arise in the workplace.
  4. Les Sweeney will lead you through “Recruiting, Hiring and Supporting Massage Therapists” to help you better identify opportunities to build and retain an effective team. Learn hiring strategies and methods of employee retention to staff your spa with the kind of people who will proudly uphold your standards.


It is important to note that attendees will receive credit for attendance only if present for the entire session. Upon entrance, their badges will be scanned to mark arrival. Once the session is completed, attendees seeking the CE hours must sign out. A confirmation email will then be sent to each attendee who scanned and signed out for proof of attendance.

ISPA is committed to providing opportunities for members to succeed in every area of their career. While each Education Session at #ISPA2018 will impart essential lessons to all who attend, these four sessions will be even more beneficial for those seeking a renewed license or certification. To learn more about the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo, visit

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