Buzz Words that Sell - Time to up your Marketing Game

Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Buzz Words that Sell - Time to up your Marketing Game

If you're looking to increase your retail sales, recruit top talent or get more clients through your door, it all starts with good marketing. And good marketing = buzz words that stop interested parties in their tracks.

No matter what you're selling, be it a product, service or yourself, you've got to be persuasive in your messaging, but without being sales-y.

For the spa industry in particular, keeping up-to-date on trending phrases and concepts is key for getting clients to trust you, and trust your brand. Learn the language that sells and incorporate these buzz words into your next marketing campaign.

Consumers lead stressful lives

We are all busy, overwhelmed and stressed out by life's demands. Consumers are desperate for things to make their lives easier and calmer. Buzz words to position your product or service as providing relaxation will help you achieve this. These buzz words are: refreshing, invigorating, effortless and rejuvenating.

Products backed by science are still being researched

With new products coming out all the time, it's important to differentiate yours by knowing as much as possible about how it was created and what it's doing to make your client's life better. Buzz words to prompt a purchase yet remain credible are: revolutionary, innovative, nutraceutical (or premium quality) and patented.

Everybody likes a bargain

Who doesn't enjoy a good sale? Consumers are always looking for ways to stretch their dollar, and they can't help being attracted to discounts. While it is important to still present your product as a "must-have" item, certain words elicit a head-turning reaction. These buzz words are: inexpensive, reasonable and valuable. If your demographic is high-end, use premium, luxury, chic, premier and exclusive when describing your service.

Wellness is on the rise and it isn't going away

Health has become a priority, which has made consumers more aware of labeling. We are obsessed with keeping the environment clean, eating clean and protecting our bodies from harm. Buzz words being used in this category are: organic, eco-friendly, natural, medical grade, and wellness.

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