Building a Strong and Happy Workforce at 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

Building a Strong and Happy Workforce at 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo

The ISPA Conference & Expo provides multiple opportunities to experience high-level education from respected business professionals and spa industry leaders. This inspiring experience has been thoughtfully developed to ensure attendees receive the most relevant and innovative education, year after year.

Professional Development Sessions, daily presentations dedicated to making you and your business successful, are a large part of the ISPA Conference & Expo. These sessions are uniquely selected by a dedicated group of ISPA members who serve on the Speaker Selection Task Force, warranting next-level leadership in every business facet.

Keeping Your Workplace Happy and Strong

Company culture has been a business buzzword for a few years now, but the benefits are just now surfacing. With numerous studies showing that happy company culture recruits and retains top talent, it is imperative to cement a productive working environment that generates comfortability and fuels office creativity.

Seven of this year’s Professional Development Speakers discuss the importance of attracting and engaging top talent, delving into topics of learning how happiness and vision create a dynamic and engaged workplace, discovering the connection between a happy workplace and a thriving business.

The influential leaders on this compelling topic are “joy junkie” Dawn Kaiser, comedian/leadership expert Merit Gest, philanthropist and wilderness ranger Kerstin Plehwe, service excellence leader Bryan Williams, powerhouse motivational speaker Joy Baldridge, happiness/fitness expert Petra Kolber, and top tier leader Rita Craig.

Each speaker brings their own skill set to the table, but they all enforce the same message.

Powerful messages from powerful speakers

Merit Gest’s session, “The Deliberate Culture: Attract, Engage and Keep Top Talent,” will discuss the serious concern of turnover in spa. Attendees will learn the critical mission of high-end service on how to create solutions to keep top talent from walking out the door. Gest will define specific expectations in three universal categories that cultivate and keep a strong team together.

In Dawn Kaiser’s session, “Contagious Joy: Increasing Customer Satisfaction Through Positivity,” attendees will gain the ability to create a joy-filled culture for their employees. Kaiser shows correlations of studies in which joy-filled individuals select higher goals, perform better and persist longer on problem-solving tasks. Attendees will learn how to create positive experiences for customers by first creating a happy and healthy culture.

Bryan Williams is a keynote speaker, consultant and author who helps organizations create a memorable service experience for its customers. In his session, Williams will educate attendees on how to be consistently exceptional in the workplace. If you are searching for the next great guest experience idea, Williams is the spa professional’s go-to leader evidenced by his practical applications and easy-to-remember coaching ideas.

Soulful speaker Petra Kolber views happiness as interval training for the ups and downs of work and life. In her presentation, “R.O.I. Return on Inspiration: Double Your Happiness, Triple Your Revenue,” Kolber will share the science and strategies that create a happy, healthy workplace. Attendees will discover how to elevate enthusiasm as it pertains to a dynamic and engaged environment.  

Joy Baldridge, world-class training expert in leadership and productivity, presents riveting ways on how to create an exceptional culture to lead and manage your teams with greater success. Attendees will learn how to gain an instant mind shift and develop a lasting morale boost in managing their team through Baldridge’s “Making the Best Even Better: How to Adapt and Cope with Change” session.

In Kerstin Plehwe’s intriguing presentation, “Lead Like a Lion, Live Like a Butterfly,” conference attendees will feel more empowered in their careers as they gain knowledge and inspiration from the “Five Senses Management Model.” Plehwe presents how teams remain strong, alert and ahead of the competition shown through patterns of successful leaders.  

Highly sought-after leadership speaker Rita Craig will discuss strategies for employee engagement across all generations. Attendees will learn the best ways to get the most from their employees based on their generation’s specific needs and preferences.

Craig, an inspirational “people person” with 40 years of career achievements holding titles as HR executive, consultant, author, TEDx speaker and leadership coach, will teach spa leaders to understand the key differences between generations in the workplace in order to get the most out of your team, and be inspired to make positive change.

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