Beverly Hills - The City of Wellth

Friday, 08 September 2017

Beverly Hills - The City of Wellth

In Pulse's Success Stories this month, Vivian Henein, Spa Director of the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, and Julie Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau, discussed their take on the concept of WELLTH - what it is, how to spread the word and why there is a need for it.

"The term 'WELLTH' represents a new, less materialistic and more valuable life currency that encompasses wellness and is exemplified by health, purpose and happiness," derived from bestselling author and Founder and CEO of mindbodygreen Jason Wachob's memoir.

No matter where people travel, their health is still a top priority. Beverly Hills, California recognized this need and created a unique initiative to not only attract wellness-minded tourists, but also encourage residents to prioritize wellness.

Eighteen months ago, The Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau commissioned a study looking at future trends in luxury - one of the key findings was that people want to be able to continue their healthy lifestyles while away from home.

And so, the concept of WELLTH was formulated.

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