Best Social Media Practices to Promote Your Business

Friday, 14 July 2017 Posted by International SPA Association

Best Social Media Practices to Promote Your Business

As you know, different social platforms call for different plans of attack when it comes to posting. Facebook stories proved to be most popular among any other social media practice, significantly trumping Instagram stories, as well as Twitter catchphrases, Pinterest articles and Google+ outreach.

As more people are using the platform as personal diaries seeking advice and comfort, Facebook tends to evoke more of an emotional response, whereas Instagram and Twitter call for a much more carefree and relaxed style.

Because you know your brand better than anyone else, you already have the best resources to implement an online strategy. Whatever your company persona may be, make sure it’s being conveyed accordingly to your customers.

Here, some everyday tips to keep in mind when posting on any platform.

Interact with followers

It’s important to interact with your customers, and often. Engage with your followers through questions, and comment on partner posts to keep your brand visible and active. Keep your messaging tone friendly and professional, and don’t be afraid to show some personality!

If you aren’t sure where to start with online customer interaction, see what types of messages other businesses similar to yours are conveying through various social media outlets. Click “View comments” to see what customers are saying to get a feel for what’s appropriate and what isn’t. The comments section on blog forums are gold mines in getting new content ideas.

EXAMPLE:  “Hey Rachel, thanks for the shoutout on our new makeup line! We’re so glad you like it, and it looks great on you!”

Focus on positive images

Anything that is aesthetically pleasing will pique your followers’ interest immediately, prompting them to click on your article. Think bright, cheerful colors and smiling faces that elicit relaxation and calming vibes.

Post pictures of credible industry experts and inspirational quotes, captioning posts with impactful messages that resonate with your brand’s mission. Bonus points for celebrities or other prominent figures visiting your spas/resorts.

Provide followers with snackable tips to show you are the expert

The key here is to keep it short and sweet. Present information in a way that is conversational and open. Choosing topics that are both interesting to your followers and relevant to your business ensure that you are on top of what’s going on in your industry.

EXAMPLE:  “Are you on a successful career path? This seasoned CEO tells you how to build a career, not just find a job”

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Remember that you are a person with interests and hobbies, just like your customers. Humanize yourself to let your followers know that you are on their same level.

Something that we hear often about businesses we admire is, “We love that company! They are so much fun.” This may sound simple, but it is an amazing compliment. Gaining an online reputation as welcoming and warm will translate beautifully into face-to-face interactions. It shows that you value what you do, and thoroughly enjoy being a part of your organization.

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