Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 Posted by International Spa Association

Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

Merit Gest, Certified Speaking Professional and popular ISPA speaker on topics of sales, emotional intelligence and onboarding new staff, has presented a not-so-talked-about debate on Intelligent Quotient vs. Emotional Quotient.

Providing common workplace examples of what makes someone want to work late to make their boss proud, what encourages someone leave their current job, and what makes strong leaders most effective at work and at home, Gest proves that EQ beats IQ every time when it comes to leadership.

What specific attributes make a good leader?

Probably not surprisingly, the type of boss that employees most want to work for are those that possess qualities that resonate most on emotional levels like relatability, empathy and respect, overriding answers from an IQ standpoint such as “experienced in their field,” “smart” and “credible expert.”

Through both personal experiences and research, Gest concludes that when you are in the presence of someone happy and optimistic with interpersonal skills, you aren’t wondering how many years of experience that person has or what previous titles they’ve held. It’s about the person themselves, not their resumes.

Play Along For A Moment

To prove this method, Gest suggests writing down the name of a person you would most want to be your boss, keeping in mind that that can be literally anyone; someone famous in Hollywood, business or politics and so on. Next, she asks to jot down the qualities that encouraged you to choose that person.

The majority of responses from people prove that emotional intelligence does indeed trump intellectual intelligence. Try it for yourself and see!

The Are You An Emotionally Intelligent Leader? article can be found in the ISPA Academy here. In it, you will:

  • Learn why IQ is not as important as EQ when it comes to strong leadership
  • Discover the top 5 Emotional Intelligence attributes of effective leaders
  • Learn how to raise your Emotional Quotient

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