Apply for the ISPA Board of Directors

Thursday, 23 April 2015 Posted by International SPA Association

Apply for the ISPA Board of Directors

Q: What surprised you most when you first joined the ISPA Board of Directors?

A: How incredibly welcoming everyone was! The entire board knew that the sooner I "learned the ropes," the sooner I could contribute to ISPA. Everyone was extremely helpful in getting me acclimated to the ins and the outs very early.

Q: What would you like ISPA members to know about the work of the ISPA Board?

A: Serving on the ISPA Board requires high engagement from all members, as the board works together to help shape the future of the spa industry. Board service is slightly different than the day-to-day hats many of us wear and it is important to remember the ISPA Board is the leadership of the association that shares their vision and strategic expertise to continue to move ISPA forward with the support of the operational staff in Lexington, Ky.

Q: During your board service, what was your proudest accomplishment?

A: Leading ISPA during very turbulent economic times. The ISPA Board always has strong individuals, so we had to work together and collaborate to make the best financial decisions that would sustain ISPA for the future. Sometimes that involved "lively" dialogue, but in the end, ISPA is much stronger today because of the decisions we made in 2009 and beyond.

Q: What was your greatest take-away from serving on the ISPA Board of Directors?

A: If you want to make a difference and if you want things to change or improve, you have to jump in and truly be engaged! Being on the board is not casual dating; it is an engagement and a commitment that you are making to contribute at the highest level.

Q: What was you most memorable experience with the ISPA Board?

A: Sitting in Café du Monde about to eat a beignet when Lynne McNees blew the powdered sugar off the beignet and into my face. I had glasses on so when I removed them, it made for quite the belly laugh amongst the board members. That is what was so great, we could debate all day long and then go out and have such incredible camaraderie together in the evenings.

Q: Why would you encourage others to apply for the board?

A: It is the best career decision I ever made--it quickly connected me with so many amazing colleagues. I know many past ISPA Chairmen and board members and we all say the same thing...you get more than you give when serving on the ISPA Board. It is extremely rewarding work!

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