A First Timer's Recap of the 2016 West Coast ISPA Media Event

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 Posted by International SPA Association

The June West Coast ISPA Media Event in Beverly Hills was the first one in which Meadowood Napa Valley has ever participated – and we were so excited!  Since we opened our brand new Meadowood Spa in November of 2015, we targeted this West Coast event as one we knew would be a great way for us to generate awareness in the health and wellness community in a very key market, not to mention the opportunity to meet influential members of the media whose beat(s) focus on spa, health and wellness.  We are extremely fortunate in that Meadowood enjoys a positive reputation for its estate’s wine and cuisine offerings and amazing team of chefs and sommeliers, so it is important for us to let the media world know we now have a spa and wellness experience to complement and enhance this overall reputation. 

Since this was our first off-site spa event we relied heavily on the ISPA team to help guide us through the experience; their timeliness and professionalism were very helpful in answering any and all questions we had along the way.  For spas participating in future events, we highly recommend researching and collecting decor images of what past booths have done, to design and showcase their brands, in order to spark your own creativity. There was a wide variety of styles and set ups on the day of the event; you really want to have a good grasp of what other spas have done in the past so you can continue the tradition to stand out. 

You only have a few minutes in which to gain interest with individual members of the media, so it is really helpful to have a visually appealing and inviting space for them to walk into in addition to sharing your story. To create a color and aesthetic similar to our spa’s design and the Napa Valley, we rented furniture, purchased a series of orchids and some greenery, as well as incorporated a big screen TV to show a looping video of the Meadowood Spa as our main backdrop. In hindsight, a lighter curtain (perhaps grey instead of black) and larger TV screen would have helped to lighten up the space a bit more. It was great to see this in-person to better understand how to handle future showcases. And lastly, after careful consideration and planning, we sent all of the supplies necessary for our mini-treatments ahead of time so all we had to do was place them in the space. 

Crafting the media experience is also important; we recommend thinking outside the box while cultivating your individuality in order to set youself apart.  You want something that is easy to execute for your team members, but one that also has the “wow factor” writers and editors look for since you have limited time to impress. You want to do something that will not only be appreciated, but remembered. Utilizing a revitalizing Rosemary Mint foot treatment, aromatherapy head tension buster and lip remedy, we not only touched on key points to pamper as a direct result of our overly stimulated world, but showcased luxury, vegan organic products used in the Meadowood Spa. These treatments were delivered by amazing members of our Spa team to highlight both the services as well as a sneak peek into our all-suite concept where it is not just about the treatment itself, but about the dialogue and potential tips and tricks our team can make during a conversation.  

Overall, it was a privilege to meet a large number of influential media in one setting; the event highlighted the wide range of writers, editors and entertainers for various types of media sources and outlets – from editors to bloggers, talent scouts to consultants. It is important to realize before attending that not all of the media in attendance will represent publications or outlets that will cater to your specific spa/resort/business demographic and that is okay. The event creates a significant amount of awareness and is a great starting point to building relationships with media you are interested in and who are interested in what your business has to offer; you never know where these important conversations and connections can lead. We were extremely honored to be able to meet with several writers who focus on luxury travel, which is our key demographic; during the first couple of weeks since the event we’ve already begun conversations! 

Michael Conte, Director of Spa & Wellness 
Jennifer Chiesa, Director of Public Relations
Meadowood Napa Valley


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