5 Ways to Use ISPA’s Code of Conduct in Your Spa

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 Posted by International Spa Association

5 Ways to Use ISPA’s Code of Conduct in Your Spa

Did you know that over 10 years ago, ISPA created a Code of Conduct to help ensure all spa-goers have a safe, professional and relaxing experience? Still relevant today, this Code of Conduct is available on to members and non-members alike in the hopes that spas around the world will use them as guidelines for what both guests and spa professionals should expect from each other.

The Code of Conduct is important to have as an industry-wide platform from which our guests are granted the freedom to express their expectations, voice their concerns and feel safe in the process. 

But how can you as a spa leader use the Code of Conduct? Here are five ways to ensure both guests and staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities:


  1. Post the Code of Conduct in guest-facing areas of the facility. Print out the Code of Conduct at com and post it in very visible areas for spa guests. Great places throughout the spa include: inside the doors of all lockers, in elevators, on all announcement or bulletin boards, on the spa’s website, at the front desk and on the spa’s menu cards. This way, all guests will have ample opportunity to read and comprehend the code.


  1. Include the Code of Conduct in all guest communication. There are several opportunities before a guest enters a treatment room to present them with the Code of Conduct. Including it in appointment verification emails, guest orientation manuals, newsletters and group booking documents are all great ways for guests to know the code before they even step through your doors.


  1. Post the Code of Conduct in employee-only areas. It’s also important for your staff to be aware of and memorize the Code. Including posters in breakrooms and staff-specific areas will let them know that the Code of Conduct is also meant for their use.


  1. Integrate the Code of Conduct into your employee training. All employee manuals should include the Code of Conduct. Initial employee orientation is a great time to go over the Code with new hires, but it’s also a good idea to implement Code of Conduct training into your staff’s continuing education.


  1. Take advantage of ISPA’s multiple translations. The Code of Conduct is available in multiple languages so spas and guests all over the world can adhere to the same conduct standards. When we are all in sync, our industry is stronger.


Clear here for a copy of the ISPA Code of Conduct. If you’d like a refresher on ISPA’s Standards and Practices, click here

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