2016 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Mindful Marketing

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 Posted by International SPA Association

2016 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Mindful Marketing

In preparing your Conference week, don’t forget about the Professional Development Sessions that will take place each day. This is part one of a series of five that will detail the different categories each Professional Development Session fall into. To begin, learn about Mindful Marketing.

"Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate," says Beth Comstock, Vice Chair of General Electric. Marketing is crucial to any business, including those in the spa industry. The basic concept remains the same; promote your brand to attract more customers, but the strategies and tools continue to rapidly change.

The Mindful Marketing sessions will ensure that your spa is using the most up-to-date strategies and tactics in order to grow your brand. They will educate you on how to attract millennials, using social media, understanding the consumer, and more.

Mindful Marketing Sessions:

Attracting Millennial Clients: Five Social Media Success Secrets – This interactive course presented by Erin Gargan will teach you how to effectively implement a resourceful social media strategy using real life brand success stories from the wellness industry. Tuesday, September 13, 8-9 am

A Window into the Consumer Mind – Psychologist Dr. Leon Alexander will offer valuable insights into the evolution of consumer thinking including positioning your retail business to entice consumers to your spa. Wednesday, September 14, 8-9 am

Setting a Successful Deal Site Offer – Frank Guengerich will explain how properly structured Deal Site offers can create repeat clientele, ensure profitability, drive retail revenue and create positive word-of-mouth for your brand. Thursday, September 15, 8-9 am

The Now Era: Live Streams and Immediacy – Social media consultant Dre Baldwin will show you how to utilize Snapchat and live-streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope to grab customer attention through facility tours, testimonials, Q&A sessions and more. Thursday, September 15, 3-4 pm

Global Best Practices for Elevating Your Spa’s Activities – Jean-Guy de Gabriac is an award-winning European spa consultant. He will share best practices from around the world that will help you develop programs to delights guests and increase your level of staff engagement. Thursday, September 15, 3-4 pm

Calling All Spas Offering Mindful Movement – Join Lawrence Biscontini to find out what it means to offer both physically challenging and spiritually enriching mind-body experiences at your spa. Thursday, September 15, 4:30-5:30 pm

If you want to know more about any of these Professional Development Sessions, visit here.

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