Get your Innovate Award applications ready

It is truly wonderful to see the ever-increasing array of new innovations that our inventive members conjure up – it’s one of those “wow” moments when you start to appreciate the volume of talented people in our industry. The annual ISPA Innovate Awards celebrate this talent and your opportunity to apply is here!



Jim Root on California’s New Labor Code

For California spa directors, Assembly Bill 1513 Piece-Rate Compensation – New Labor Code has created a flurry of concern and confusion within the industry. ISPA turned to longtime CEO and President of Glen Ivy Hot Springs and former Chairman of ISPA, Jim Root to get his perspective on how this bill has affected his business and how it may affect other businesses in California.


Knowledge is Power

The 17th annual ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study survey is now open for participation.  In order to provide market data that accurately depicts the current state of the spa industry, we need the help of spa professionals across the U.S.  A short investment of time will provide you with a wealth of information. 


The 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – What’s Trending

Conference is getting closer and closer – we hope you are as excited as we are! This is the fourth part of our Professional Development Session digest. 

This week, we are highlighting the What’s Trending sessions.


Seeing and doing: in Las Vegas the possibilities are endless!


Although there will be plenty to see and do onsite, if you find yourself with a little bit of spare time in Las Vegas what should you do? We asked our members what their favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is - apart from attending the ISPA Conference that is!


The 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Skill Sharpener

We hope you’ve been busily preparing your schedule and that you’re ready to get the most out of Conference. This is the third installment of our 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions digest:  Skill Sharpener


The 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Employee Impact

Welcome to part two of our Professional Development Sessions overview. As promised, we have divided the sessions into easy to digest groups, giving all 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo attendees the chance to plan sessions that best fit their professional needs and their schedules. This week, we are looking at Employee Impact.


The 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Mindful Marketing

Everyone's time is limited at Conference and planning ahead is crucial, so we've split the Professional Development into five categories. We'll cover each of them over the next five weeks, starting today with Mindful Marketing.


Why participate in the ISPA Media Events?

The ISPA Media Events are the perfect platform for ISPA members to place their brand in front of top media outlets. Learn firsthand why ISPA member Kohler Waters Spa participates and hear what insights their Communications Leader - Public Relations, Leslie Stachowiak, has to share. 


Attending a conference is a high-return investment

Professional association conferences often pose quite a dilemma for business owners and managers. "Why should I go? What will I get out of it"? Important questions, particularly if your budget is tight, if you are a young business trying to get established or there are other items higher on your priority list. 


Make sure you celebrate Global Wellness Day 2015

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the sheer number of days set aside to celebrate, commemorate or just to remember events or causes. Here’s one that everyone in the spa industry should do their best to take part in – Global Wellness Day. As it happens, it’s tomorrow, June 13th.


Exploring the past, present and future

ISPA Innovate Award Logo






As ISPA celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, it is amazing to look back at the rich twenty-five year history that has propelled ISPA to where it is today. Each year has brought new innovations and these contributions have significantly shaped the spa industry. 


Apply for the ISPA Board of Directors

Apply for the ISPA Board of Directors

Have you been considering getting more involved in the ISPA community? As applications are now being accepted for the ISPA Board of Directors, we spoke with former ISPA Chairman and current committee member Jean Kolb about her experience of accepting a leadership role within ISPA.


How can research assist your company in achieving goals?

How can research assist your company in achieving goals?

In today’s fast-paced world of business, time is of the essence and knowledge is power. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and industry research is crucial for not only the survival of a business, but also for growth and longevity. Having an expansive research library at your fingertips with 24/7 access sounds like a dream to many business owners and operators, but with an International SPA Association membership it’s a reality.

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