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National Sales Manager

Expiration Date: October 08, 2017

Job Category

Product Sales & Management

Company Name


Company Type

Affiliate / Resource Partner


651 American Oaks Ave
Thousand Oaks, California 91320 United States



Company Description

Skin Care Company

Job Description

ROI seeks a qualified national sales manager to assist a newer luxury skin care brand. Key Requirements: - Great communication skills - Organizational skills Responsibilities: - Collaborating with senior executives to establish and execute a sales goal for the region - Managing a sales team in order to maximize sales revenue and meet or exceed corporate-set goals - Forecasting annual, quarterly and monthly sales goals - Assisting sales personnel in their techniques - Developing specific plans to ensure growth both long and short-term - Educating sales team with presentations of strategies, seminars and regular meetings - Reviewing regional expenses and recommending improvements To Apply: - Submit resume detailing your experience - Submit a cover letter explaining why you would be a great fit

Job Status

ISPA Job Bank

A Spa Journey That Could
Last A Lifetime.